VPN 101: If you’re not using one, you’re interneting WRONG

so it sounds like you can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the VPN and for pretty good reason so if we’re position more and more of our lives up there in the mas we have to make sure that we’re doing it securely so that your data stays with you and my data stays with me so I’ve already has spoken about how I’ve moved their own families into more secure messaging and how I’m trying to get everybody to use stronger passwords with the state password directors now it’s time to dive into the deep end it’s time for VPN so VPN stands for virtual private network now think of things like this your internet provider as it stands today whether you’re at home or in the office or even on your telephone that’s one passageway and as you switch from your dwelling network to your office network to your telephone those are all separate comes right those you’re moving through these passageways the various providers can actually see what’s going on to a certain extent and when you’re on one of those free Wi-Fi spots say at the coffee shop or the food market or wherever anyone else on that open system can scent what’s going on flying through the breath all the data as well that’s where VPNs come in so be taken into consideration a VPN as a tunnel within that passage right only it’s opaque it’s encrypted so beings on the outside tunnel can’t see into your virtual private passage so it’s more secure you’re still browsing websites you’re still get email you’re still doing whatever only now beings on the outside can’t see you same moves for your location too by the way this is the sort of thing if you’ve ever gone to China you know what I’m talking about China is behind a big government firewall VPNs allow you to set different endpoints that say I’m not actually in China anymore I’m in France or the US or wherever and then you can get back to all your usual websites now the downside to this things might be a little bit slower and you’re going to have to be able to set them up in the first place right I know what you’re thinking wait this still resounds really scary and unone again it kind of is because it genuinely comes down to a matter of trust right who do you trust with retain it do you trust your internet service provider which by the way has probably been in the news a lot lately talking about whether or not they can sell your data or do you trust the builder of this new virtual private network little thing that we’re talking about squandering which will also be able to see all your data and that’s kind of the big question now before we even get to which VPN you should consider do some homework right you’re going to want to read their blogs you’re going to want to check their about pages go and read it go on Twitter go on Facebook wherever ask your friends what they’re using and why they like their VPS but your friends don’t all use VPN it’s just me another question I is a lot do you have to use a VPN every second of every day you’ll have to but you are eligible to like I said earlier if you log on to a public Wi-Fi spot Wi-Fi on your aircraft or a Wi-Fi in your coffee shop or Wi-Fi in the convenience store or when you’re getting your oil converted if there’s not a password on that Wi-Fi spot it’s an open blot you want to use a VPN or if you want to add simply another mantle of security not foolproof but one more layer that’s when you want to use a VPN or if you want to opt you skate where you are for whatever concludes legal intellects satisfy then you want to use a VPN or if you’re doing something that maybe you simply don’t want your internet service provider to know about again law things boys and girls but then you might want to use a VPN it’s one of those things that I actually “re going to have to” remind myself I’m at the gym the gym is a relatively safe locate right it’s still an open Wi-Fi spot for me so yes I turn on the VPN and the good news is VPNs have gotten a lot easier to be established by most works have installer parcels that will help you through the process whether it’s on your computer or on your phone but the gist is this you’re going to have a brand-new username you’re going to have a password and you’re going to connect to a server somewhere and that’s how the VPN makes there’s just up to you to remember to turn it on telephones often have always on VPN alternatives at this degree but I’d in early exactly turn it on when I need it so which VPN should you use that is the seventy-five thousand dollar question and I’m not going to answer it the thing again “youve got to” do your homework I miss you to read up on these services before you fork over any of your money and you’re going to have to compare costs right they all cost different things some have lifetime pricing others you pay per month some are free but remember this about free works if you’re not affording them money they’re making money off you some their practice and don’t be married to a single VPN provider right if it slows down or otherwise does anything that you simply aren’t quite sure about stop using it lead consume a different one all right fine time which one am i employing there are actually a few out there whose reputations I will throw out private Internet access P ia that’s a big one you sounds a lot about pure VPN is another I’ve been beta testing proton VPN which is from the protonmail parties in Switzerland and so I like them a lot and that’s what I’ve been using for a while now and I’ll probably be paying for that but again do your homework delight read up on it yourself now I’m just a regular customer like you guys out there so if there are any other tips-off and inklings about VPNs that I haven’t covered here cause us all know down in the comments be sure to agree the canal if you haven’t already sign up for the newsletter if that’s your sort of thing I’m having a lot of entertaining with that do your homework satisfy VPN stand safe out there see you next time[ Music]

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