VigorIPPBX 3510 – VoIP over VPN

thanks for coming thank you for attending jtech vigor IPV react showed hem webinar my reputation is parallel the marketing Porter manager of aircraft tech busines in this technological application based webinar we’ll focusing on the latest from style explanation three top five point five point three to introduce those benefit can be provided by draytek vigor IP PBX attested him to the real cash business scenario in fact jet spoofs Vika IPV react show 10 can be cherished remedy from the traditional PBX set up for you to get rid of the coastally implementation or the laborious directs so in the first part of our webinar we already introduced the benefit from is IP telephony features including consolidating management for your expansion in the situation like move an and vary puts from IP telephony productivity enhancement by PBX resilient and extendable IP extension setup on the other hand in addition to the IP telephony panneti aircraft hex bigger IP react license can assessment care of your business structure as well by sturdy protection peculiarities first we’ll acquaint the Virtual Private Network feature of Vega IP pbx that if I can and also emphasize this voice over IP over VPN vigor ivvv exit if item actually can provide up to 32 VP internals for your remote data access and even the voice communication security from this scenario we know one company has headquarter located in Merrimack New Hampshire and also has one branch located in Los Angeles California they would like to establish the IPSec VPN then to them connection to secure the dental transmitting between headquarter and branch office you may notice we already give you the Wang IP and then IP you of these two places better we can use those information to build up the IPSec plain to them VPN connection for the headquarter and the branch office for establishing the VPN connection you should go to Vega IP V greets 35 entrusts network you say interface and then you choose the best and then you go to VPN and remote access in the VPN and remote access segment you first choose remote access control you may still remember they want to have the IPSec VPN connection between headquarter and the branch office so we in a IPSec VPN assistance right here and I will also allow the PPTP VPN no. 2 Tv BPM as well for my future its utilization and for the IPSec VPN service you need to have your pre dubiou so you implement the information right here and then here okay then you can remain in the VPN and remote access area and then you choose land to arrive in order to build IPSec VPN LAN to learn for the headquarter and branch office and we are familiar some company microsite digression first you enable one sketch in the lantern slouse the very first part will be the commissary I was simply reputation this sketch as headquarter then we go to the second part the second part will be the dialog setting firstly I checked the IP sector no and then I can implement it regalium chapters when IP right here then we do the serpent darling sitting still I checked the IP sector no then I implement array discipline when I pee-pee first sounded VPN server IP would be the very last part TCP and IP network puts I simply need to implement a Remo network IP array branch LAN IP and he okay in da now you get a self-assured IPSec VPN connection to protect the data transmission for your headquarter and branch office but there is one thing I haven’t told you voice over IP over VPN so we will demo by the extension to zero to seven which located in the chapters part in Los Angeles California and such an extension we need to register at all vigor IPV react licensed and located in Merrimack New Hampshire so how we like this extension to zero to seven to enjoy the voice over IP over beer hitherto that’s the hop first we go to the web you say interface of Omega I pvxo flout 10 and choose IP pbx session then we elect PBX system then you can see the SIP proxy fit firstly you should check the incapacitated graduation from when and the system will automatically select restrictions if askings when and also the enable ACL first we’ll do the limits if request practice it wants how many requests per second you will do for your Vita I PBX showed tend to accept the radiation from the other side ever a Remo sir we know from our situation we only have various postponement outside so I would say 20 20 petitions per second for the extension enrollment remotely or they wish to stimulate the SIP trunk code so you know 24 these types of the expansion amount will be more than enough another will do for enable ACL firstly I click Add ACL actually it necessitates the access mastery schedule and it acts as the whitelist of our bigger IP video excerpt if I can you can plug in the exact remote Hwanghae P of the propagation you like to register at all legal IP VX attested 10 when the verve Iberia that pen encounter there’s a request from other postponement but it’s not in the whitelist or we say that access control list you originate now you will not accept this request so you can avoid the hacker try to register to your viga IP pbx certify 10 after that we can begin to configure our extension to do to sell it so we go to IP V objection again and now which is extension for the extension to 0 to 7 you see it can allow you to have the remote enrollment from either Wayne or VPN we will strongly recommend to choose VPN because you already got a lock IPSec VPN the linkages between your headquarter and your chapters agency so you now you can get a voice over IP over VPN for the extension to do two seven another handy peculiarity I want to show you is if you check the tera hell who owns the postponement Leo seven here the enable PPTP VPN darling for this number and pass fighting a means for Terry ho if he abruptly is necessary to have the PPTP remote adorable for example if he is at home and he need to access the corporate database to answer customer questions this is the only way need to use the extension number two zero two seven and too the tactical password you see here as the PPTP remote buying a comment and password and then can access the corporate database thank you for your attending or listening today

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