Unlimited Free VPN For Google Chrome on One Click ✔

hey guys it’s me Amara and you are watching a Murloc on this video I will show you how we can get unlimited free VPN in Google Chrome last week I made a video about utilizing free VPN by opu that was the official VPN service by opu you can take their video on my channel and I will lean the link of the video on description if you want to use VPN service on Opera browser then you can use the method that I mention on that video so the VPN that I am going to show you is not enough you’ll be pean by chrome but it’s a simple one-click extension by better net there gives us unlimited free VPN service on Google Chrome browser ok let’s get into the topic now first of all open your Google Chrome browser and now go to Chrome google.com slash Web Store or you can search for Chrome Web Store on Google okay now here sought for better net and filter now back then some only okay now you can see this better cyberspace I’ll in the free VPN better net here so click on it and add to click on it to Chrome click on EDX tension ok now now you can see unlimited free VPN better net has been added to Chrome and you can see a better net icon now so it’s very simple to use this pipian so if you need to open any web pages that are blocked or if you want to use any web pages from different IP you can use this so it’s very simple to use time click on this better net icon and whenever you need to connect to VPN merely click here on connect and it will connect to Virtual Private Network and you will be able to use that VPN on your browser okay so I will now show you by connecting click on connect and our BBN is now connected and here you can see country United is two so we should have u.s.IP so let’s take it now go to what is my IP comm to check your public IP and you can see here this is the IP that I got from VPN and it’s from the city Atlanta of United Nation okay like this way guys you can get unlimited free VPN on Google Chrome and you can use this VPN to unblock any web sites or you can use it to browse the web Bing anyone so I hope you like this video so don’t forget to give big-hearted thumbs up to this video and likewise agree my canal if you haven’t already thank you guys for watching.

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