Unifi L2TP VPN setup Windows 10 Working!

Hallo YouTube and welcome toOctopus technology I am your host Andreas Christodoulou firstof all I would just like to say vast thanks to all of my readers and to of you guysfor sticking around for the past year or so since it was really challenging forme to keep seeing videos because I was building my house and there wasn’tenough time to fix videos but hopefully this video are likely to be the first of countless tocome so regardles in this video today I’m gonna show you how you can draw your VPNserver on the unify USG the reason I am making this video is because I washaving some issues with my Windows 10 secrete edition 3 which is the fallcreators update on my Windows 10 machine since the client would just not connectso I just wanted to clarify a few things before going further into this video sothe main reason is that the issue I was having was not my problem it wasn’t mymistake on the configuration back so I decided to I’ll make a video about it thefix was actually quite easy it was a registry key which the unified supportwas really kind to supply and that key is gonna be available below but thething is I want to show you the exact setup on how to be established a VPN tunnel onyour amalgamate USG so first of all open your coalesced controller and go on to settingsthen go on to services go into your radius server adopt server and enablethe radius server give it trade secrets key and hot apply converts then what youneed to do is going to users and then create a new user I previously have createda new used and his name is VPN and apply that user password I’m not going toinclude on my VLAN which is going to connect directly to the main network soon your tunnel form you need to select layer twoprotocol which is l2tp and on the tunnel medium character you need to select ipv4 hitsave and then go into networks now you need to create a brand-new structure since I’vealready create excavation I’m gonna edit this but before I’m gonna do that I have totell you something so as you can see I have three structures now I have guests Ihave land and VPN network so what I did I wanted to connect expending a VPN fromwork to my home server thing is I had the same network range at home and atwork which was 192.168.1 and regrettably I wasn’t able to get towhere I miss it since we have been using the same IP addresses for both sides ofthe VPN so you need to select a unique non-publicly routable IP address foryour lamp and then you need to go forward with making a VPN network sowith that out of the way let’s edit my system so the network name is VPNnetwork for purpose select remote user VPN on the VPN type select lttp serverthen pay it a pre shared key and here you shouldn’t be confused by this sothis is gateway slash subnet what this is is that you need to create a newnetwork range which you’re gonna be using this essentially as your gatewayfrom your VPN client to your VPN server so what I did is I organized a brand-new uniquenetwork and then I leave it a suffix of 29 which is the sapling mask which is2 4 8 which gives me a 6 IPS which is all that I’m gonna be using forif you crave you can change this you can I don’t know use 24 which would give youtour of 54 IPs since I’m only going to be having a few buyers connected to myVPN server at a time there’s no level in do that so on the appoint sirkeep this in Auto you don’t need to change anything you don’t need to exposethis to a site-to-site VPN the thing that you do need to change is underradius on your radius sketch you need to select the default profile and thenhit save the reason that I’m not telling you to go into profiles and create a newradius profile is that as you can see this profile is under radius so whatthis does it tells the USG manage the radius profile so you don’t need tocreate a brand-new radius chart to have your VPN work so this is all done on the USGsite what you need to do now is go into your VPN client computer then probablyI’m gonna tie this at the description if I cannot attach this I’m gonna give youan external tie-up or something so you can get this registry key so as you can seehere I have a registry key that the unifying support kindly referred me so I’mgonna print it then I need to open and command prompt and run it asadministrator with high writes then glue the key and made register now you needto restart your computer but since I’m not able to connect since I cannot usemy own network to connect to my lttp serverthere’s no site so I’m gonna depict you how you can create your clientso first things off you need to go into settings going to network and Internetthen go into VPN and add a brand-new VPN connection which is this one for me sotry being a connection name this is just the name nothing serious here you needto add your public IP address which is a public IP of the unified controller thatyou’re trying to access this is not mine patently this is fakejust for making this video now on the VPN type you need to select l2tp IPSecwith pre shared key now add the preferred key that you have created andon the type of sign in info select username and password present it the username that you’ve created which was in my instance VPN and the users passwordhit save now you need to go into the control panel then going to network andinternet go into network and sharing Center then going to adapter settingsthen right click on test VPN which is the VPN we’ve just created liberty clickit and smacked qualities then under protection you need to enable challengehandshake authentication protocol chap and Microsoft chap version 2 in orderfor this to work otherwise it won’t is attached to your VPNserver try to connect I’m sure it will if you have any problems just let meknow down on the comments and I’m pretty sure that you will be able to connectsince I am on the same network as my villian I won’t be able to connect so BPM business out there offering athousand plus servers 61 countries use superfast servers with unlimitedbandwidth exercising military-grade encryption and no data locks whatsoeverit can be used with up to six seven People on Windows Mac OS iOS andAndroid and can even be used for p2p sharing and did I mention it even workedin China make it yours with 72% of over$ 3 29 pennies per month on a two-year dealby click the link link below this was pretty much it I hope this video washelpful to you and if you did like this video then share it subscribe to thechannel and I’ll see you guys on the next one bye-bye

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