Tor vs VPN | 2 tools – 1 purpose? Are you sure??

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Both Tor and VPN are made to protect you online. Perhaps the main difference you heard about those tools is that VPNs usually cost money, while Tor is completely free to use. For many that’s a tiebreaker, but guys, there are more differences between these two – all of it in my video!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Can you use Tor for free?
1:10 What is Tor?

1:30 Is it possible to access the dark web with Tor?
2:15 Is it safe to use Tor?
2:50 Can you pass geoblocks with Tor?
3:20 Why should you use a VPN?

4:35 Does a VPN use no-log policy?
5:00 Which one is faster: Tor or VPN?
5:10 Does Netflix blocks Tor?
6:30 Can you use VPN with Tor?

Honestly, TOR packs out one of the best, if not the best security measures possible for a VPN-like service, but at the same time it puts its “relay” users under a huge risk, without any chance to protect themselves. If you do not feel like benefiting from the people like you who decide to put their real-life safety at risk, maybe it’s better to stick with VPNs.

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