TOP 7 VPNs with kill switch | What are the best VPNs that have kill switch feature?

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There are a lot of functions in VPNs that are helpful, but the kill switch stands among them as one of the few essential ones. Today I will explain to you what a “kill switch” is and why your VPN is really incomplete without one.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 What happens if you do not use Kill switch?
00:49 What is a VPN kill switch?
01:12 What is NordVPN kill switch?
01:29 Surfshark VPN kill switch features
01:43 What other VPNs has a kill switch feature?
02:47 Bottom line: What are the best VPNs that have kill switch?

**What is a VPN kill switch, and how would it help?**
With a kill switch, if your VPN connection drops, the VPN will cut your internet connection too. Sure, you are losing some time before everything is back online, but at least your privacy remains safe. That’s the main reason a VPN kill switch is a great function to have.

**NordVPN kill switches**
In all their applications, there’s VPN kill switch for Android, Mac, Windows, iOS and even Linux! Furthermore, they have two types of kill switch – one kills specific apps, while the other will kill your entire connection. It’s essentially the best VPN with a kill switch.

**Surfshark VPN kill switch**
Surfshark also has a kill switch in every one of their applications, but it’s not one of the default options, so you’ll have to enable it manually. Unlike NordVPN, there’s just one type, so the kill switch will cut your connection completely.

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