TOP 7 most secure messaging apps in 2021 βœ… Stop giving your info out

Guys, these are the best secure messaging apps right now: Signal, Wickr, Viber…and 4 more that you can find out in video!
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Secure messaging is more necessary than ever, without an encrypted messaging app in 2021, your privacy, your sensitive data and frankly, your livelihood could be under risk. Fortunately, secure, open-source messaging apps exist to help you.

00:00 Intro

1:15 Why it’s important to use encrypted messaging apps?
1:50 What features should have a good secure messaging app?
3:08 Where Signal Messaging is based?
4:13 Has Wickr been hacked?
5:20 Does Viber has an open source?
6:12 Can you make a call on Dust messaging app?
6:52 Is Whatsapp owned by Facebook?
7:36 Can you trust the default messaging app for iOS?
9:10 What features does Threema messaging app have?
10:30 Which messaging apps are the most secure?

While checking for the messaging app, your main concern should be the degree of safety provided by it. Many of the apps mentioned in this video not only provide encryption, but can add extra features, that will reduce the amount of data that could potentially get leaked or lost.

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