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There’s so much information out on the internet, and it’s getting harder to filter for quality content. So, if you have been looking for a way to ensure digital security on the web, then this compilation of the best free VPN 2022 is perfect for you.

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0:40 Can you trust a free VPN?
1:11 How secure is AtlasVPN free?
2:04 How fast is AtlasVPN?
2:36 Does AtlasVPN have any drawbacks?
3:06 How good is ProtonVPN free?
3:43 What OS does ProtonVPN Free support?
4:24 Is Windscribe any good?
4:47 How secure is Windscribe?
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Let’s get started on our list of free 2022 VPN providers, shall we? First on our list of free VPN reviews is AtlasVPN. Free for as long as you like, this lightweight VPN tool provides a secure network of servers employing WireGuard tunnelling protocol. WireGuard is an open-source communication protocol with state-of-the-art encryption, designed for easy use, high speeds and strength. It is also less susceptible to malware attacks, unlike older protocols.

Unlike the paid version, AtlasVPN gives you access to two servers in the United States and one in the Netherlands – just three servers. The number may sound meagre, but it is quite a deal compared to what you have to pay to get premium subscriptions on popular services like ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Atlas is fast, easy to use, and lightweight, not minding the raw figures. Although not as fast as its paid premium version, AtlasVPN still retains incredible network speeds and runs efficiently – awesome performance, especially since it comes for free.


Next one on the list is the ProtonVPN free review. If you have been looking for unlimited bandwidth for nothing at all, ProtonVPN has got you. It uses ChaCha20 encryption, WireGuard, OpenVPN and other tunnelling protocols to ensure the safety of your data. It is also equipped with a Kill Switch feature which immediately stops your internet if your VPN connection drops for any reason.

The significant drawback here is that you can only use ProtonVPN on one device at a time, and you may need to have multiple accounts for several devices. In addition, the most potent security protocols on ProtonVPN are restricted to premium users, and Netflix has found a way to block Proton out. And Proton is not alone on this one – Netflix rarely works for most free VPNs today. So you are not missing out much if you are not paying anyway.


Last on our list is Windscribe free VPN. More than just a household name, many people who cannot afford the subscription fees on several paid VPN platforms turn to Windscribe. With 11 free servers and multi-platform compatibility, it can easily pass as the best free VPN for iPhone, Windows, Linux and other digital devices like Firestick and Kodi.

Windscribe uses DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, and TimeZone protection to bolster user privacy. It also spares you the nuisance of unsolicited digital adverts, a fantastic property for a free VPN service. Windscribe has a user-friendly interface, no device limits, and the venerable SOCKS5 proxy for torrenting.


On a final note, while these VPNs have their weaknesses, they also have their strengths.

AtlasVPN, as we have discussed earlier, has relatively stronger security measures among the three. So, if you want to remain clandestine on the internet at no additional cost, AtlasVPN is the way to go.
On the other hand, Windscribe has more servers than any other free VPN and has a SOCKS5 proxy with split tunnelling, so it’s an excellent option for all your torrenting needs.
You might be wondering, “What about Proton?” ProtonVPN provides unlimited bandwidth, and if you want a VPN for daily usage, it’s gotta take the cake there.

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