Tipos de VPN

Then we have the VPN type, Site to Site. Site to Site, Lan to Lan, it’s all the same, okay? That’s where I’m going to make one resolve connect to the other, in a secure highway and generally exerting the internet. I can use any other type of connection, but it’s usually established with internet. Full-Mesh. Imagine that I have some cells, like this example here. I have Spoke 1, 2 and 3 and I have my HUB. What will happen? When I use this boast, everyone talks. Without having to go through the Firewall, for example. So I get this group to talk directly to this, this component to talk immediately to this one, to talk directly to my installations, my HUB. Now at Star, the hotshot mannequin, what happens? I have a central contact here, I have my HUB, I have my Firewall. And then my Firewall how will it happen? For this one to communicate, for example, with this one, it’s obliged to go through my HUB.So I make sure that all ties-in must pass through a central spot, or not , nor communicate, I want you to communicate from the central with the branches, so this technology is used now. This is how we sometimes configure it via GSM, anyway, the idea is when you have a very large network and want to guarantee all access, in short, what will differentiate if this access is ok or not is that you pay close attention. The VPN issue, even getting buoy know-how, most of the announces I went were due to lack of tending, unfortunately. Sometimes you are very looted ali fazendo as configuraes e voc no percebethere reaching the positions and you don’t realize that sometimes you have entered a wrong IP or you have configured the wrong encryption.So the cool thing is that you always settle close attention, try to avoid noise or distraction when “youre just doing” the VPN configuration because the chance of going wrong is great when you are not focused. So offer close attention that I’m sure the trains there will be working correctly, okay? The most used type, which is the heat of the moment today, everyone using VPN, is remote access, VPN RAS. What is VPN RAS? It’s a client-server VPN, it’s the VPN where, wherever you are, from your residence, from a caf, etc, you can make a VPN connection on your equipment, plainly, to your busines or wherever you want. So it’s a connection that will be made from point to point, but from a buyer and server. So the idea is that it’s usually a tie-in from one slope to your firewall to your server.Unlike Site to Site, where you can advertise two structures communicating, then several fragments of material going through the same tunnel. Here the idea is to go through only one gear, ok? So there are the precedents, ultimately, of the Redudant VPN issue, here we are talking about Lan to Lan VPN, the redundancy concern that I can do. I’m not going to pay much attention to that, but it’s nice for you to see the topology. I can do … Now back to VPN Lan to Lan … I can do a VPN exercising connect 1 with tie-up 1 on the other end and join 2 with link 2 on the other end, for example. Or I can establish connection 1 with link1 … Imagine that I have a unit with two internet relates and on the other I has actually one, so I can make a VPN connection. Now here’s a question for you guys, for the technical beings. Dynamic association, can I close VPN tunnel? Yes or no? Yes, I can do it. But when I go to configure the VPN, I have a differential.One end will have to be “waiting”, then it will be “waiting for connection” and the other end it will have to be “start”, like automated. So which one is which? The area that has sterilized IP it is waiting and the side that dynamic IP, it will be like “start the connection” Why? Because the dynamic IP it knows which is the chose IP, which is the tip … now the opposite isn’t. So you have to be really setting up the right way and Ive too ascertained several scolds from the staff setting it upside down. Its personal reasoning, its genuinely pensar na hora que voc tiver criando, fazeressa associao. Quem vai conectar em quem? thinking about the time youre creating, constructing that association. Who will is attached to whom? Who were aware that? So it will be easier for you to have this access there, okay ?.

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