Testing if VyprVPN is really a “Best VPN” in 2021 (VyprVPN Review)

you’re watching a three-minute mill nonsense review of VIPRE VPN I’m Josh this is VPN video asses I’m not even going to waste any more of your time let’s go ahead and dive in let’s start off with a immediate synopsi VIPRE VPN is owned by gilded frog an internet busines founded in 2009 and incorporated in Switzerland now why do I think that’s important to share with you well the world of internet security and VPNs is disorient and frankly often a very dark place try clicking on the about page of any other VPN you run across what you’ll generally find are very vague statements and no indication of who’s running the show how am I to know that it’s not some intruder on the other side of the world that uses VPN software to steal my intelligence I don’t that’s not the case with VIPRE VPN I highly respect their commitment to transparency which includes a clear vision and an introduction of their leadership team now in addition to their transparency I’m also very pointed to the fact that VIPRE owns and controls all of their data servers almost every other VPN company saves money by leasing their servers and allowing third parties to manage them so let’s move into a more comparative refresh VIPRE allows for three to five simultaneous joinings on the network based on the plan you choose which is above average there are some VPNs that offer up to 6 but 3 is the norm Viper’s developed its own secure connection protocol announced chameleon with better encryption now this is the kind of proprietary technology and innovation that you won’t see with other VPNs they give a kill switching option which is becoming more and more popular with other VPNs the VPN desktop app gives you the ability to control what kind of data if any is kept or referred on now this is a feature I have never seen with any other VPN service most of which tend to tell you that they don’t log anything which isn’t always completely true VIPRE earmarks any kind of traffic including peer-to-peer which is a benefit that not all companies allow and finally VIPRE currently offers a 30 -day money-back guarantee via the link here which you won’t get directly from their website some firms simply give you a week or less so I consider this a big plus now let’s move on to the software VIPRE VPN has a basic but unique motif the running time line of tie races on the desktop software is nice but I’ve never know it particularly useful I like that I can connect either the fastest server based on my orientation or the select the server I want to use there are numerous Advanced Alternatives on the desktop software but like most VPNs you lose most of the advanced options on the mobile software my only complaint about Viper is that they currently countenanced a limited sort of remittance that doesn’t include more anonymous approaches like Bitcoin personally I use PayPal so I’m fine but I know others who prefer to seek further obscurity in the way they pay for their VPN service let’s take a look at the fasts here are my results from vipre VPN shown side by side with Nord VPN expressvpn and no VPN as you can see vipre furnishes enormous speeds but not significantly different than their competition which is basically what I expected the last thing I want to look at is customer support which is always important to me I spent age connecting with the 24/7 live chitchat approval was very pleased with their reply I received a response within two minutes and I felt like they were actually reacting my question instead of just reproducing and gluing an answer so to sum up this review I desire the transparency that VIPRE VPN provides in addition to the excellent VPN service the pricing is competitive and if you use the link you see here you’ll unlock the exclusive 30 -day money-back guarantee overall if you’re considering VIPRE VPN is an option I would utter it a thumbs up 3-minute video inspect end I hope you obtained this useful if you want to visit the vipre VPN website or find out the latest marketings and advertisements you can use the link you see here or down in the description these are affiliate associates and I really appreciate your apply of them even though you really don’t have to if you want to find out more about setting up viper VPN on your computer or portable maneuver i’ve connected my ended situate of tutorial now as well as a number of other VPN evaluates in my playlist now thanks so much better for watching

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