Testing if NordVPN is really the “best VPN” compared to others

hey guys you’re watching a three time rush review of Nord VPN my epithet is Josh this is VPN video revaluation I’m not going to debris any of your time so let’s go ahead and get started let’s start from the beginning Nord VPN constructs it very easy to purchase and set up their service they render hopes as low as four dollars per month and they accept all major credit cards PayPal Bitcoin and over a hundred and fifty other world-wide payment techniques all of this is pretty standard nowadays in the VPN market though what differentiates Nord VPN is an insanely simple setup and one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen but before we move on my believes on their application let me point out a few features I really like now first Nord VPN offers a 30 -day money-back guarantee which not every VPN does they claim to have a no log programme which pretty much every VPN claims and frankly there’s no way to ratify this so take it with a grain of salt finally Nord VPN grants six simultaneous connects which means that you can have six different inventions or parties connected on the same account at the same time most VPNs exclusively countenance three to five alliances now let’s move on to the software there are very few VPN assistances who Sacher am impressed with but Nord VPN is a part of that it looks pretty which is nice but not absolutely necessary what draws me to their software the most is how it entreaties to both the informal user as well as the tech savvy IP guy if all you want to do is connect to a server and be done with it Nord VPN doesn’t move too much unnecessary information in your face if however you like to dig into specific server onus protocols custom DNS or even set up a kill substitution it’s all simply a simple click apart I’ve worked with fairly VPN programs to know that this type of instinctive user interface is hard to accomplish my simply complaint with Nord VPN is that currently they don’t allow easy be made available to specific city servers what this means is that while I’m able to choose what country I want to connect to and there’s certainly our variou servers available in every country I’m not able to choose accurately which municipals such as Los Angeles Chicago or New York but most people this won’t matter much but I’m used to having that sort of option I is my finding that I miss it when it’s not there the good news is that Nord VPN representatives have told me that they plan to add this feature in a future update so by the time you watch this my only complaint may no longer apply let’s take a look at races because there are so many ingredients that affect VPM including my isp length from the server system acquaintance etc I wouldn’t compare the numbers you see here with evaluations you experience other than my own so here are my results from north VPNs shown side by side with expressvpn VIPRE VPN and no VPN as you can see and this seems to be the case of most VPNs I remember the results show that most of the top VPNs don’t differ much in accelerations now the last thing I want to look at is customer support Nord VPN offers live converse support on its website which I personally tried and can say that they respond immediately I connected with a real human being who wasn’t just copying and pasting message who had an intimate understanding of my technical matter so to sum up its consideration of the report Nord VPN is a well-priced option with a 30 -day money-back guarantee whose computer software is excellent – my disorder about municipal server access the velocities are good and their customer support responded to me immediately and answered my question overall I’m happy to recommend Nord VPN as an excellent selection to ensure your internet work the three instant recall is complete to visit the Nord DPM website and take advantage of their latest slews and publicities you can click the link here or the link down in the description they are affiliate associations but it really does facilitate me and I admire you guys doing that you can also get a more complete look at the purchase and installation of north VPN on my prepare of tutorial that you insure link to you right here as well as many other VPN reviews in my VPN review playlist that you look link to right here thanks so much better for watching give this a thumbs up if you liked it

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