Testing if ExpressVPN is really the “Best VPN” in the market (Review)

you are watching a three-minute no-nonsense review of expressvpn I’m Josh this is VPN video evaluation I’m not going to waste any of your time so let’s dive in alright let’s start off without any sugarcoating expressvpn is one of the most popular VPNs on the market today for two reasons first they’ve proven a very good affiliate program that incentivizes beings to recommend their service that clangs bad if it weren’t for the second reason that they’re so favourite they genuinely are one of the best VPN business with a very easy-to-use software interface let me explain after working over 20 different VPN business of the past few years I’ve come to realize that most of them don’t kept enough believed into the user experience especially during the setup process by compare I can purchase download and install expressvpn in less than two minutes instead of using clunky username and passwords that you have to retrieve through email the moment I obtain expressvpn I’m redirected to a sheet with my activating codes that gives me instant access it’s very nice now before I get into the specifics of the application lets liken expressvpn peculiarities with the tournament they are one of only a handful of VPNs that offer a 30 -day money-back guarantee most companionships exclusively give you 7 to 14 eras and some exclusively tolerate 3 one subscription with expressvpn sheathes 3 simultaneous joinings which is about average but there are other VPNs that proposal more expressvpn allows peer-to-peer downloading which is something not all VPNs do they offer an internet kill permutation which is a great feature that is becoming more common nowadays and finally expressvpn claims that they don’t log any identifiable data which may be true but as I always say make these declares with a grain of salt since there’s really no way to hold VPN companionships accountable here now let’s move on to the software in terms of design I like how expressvpn is opted for clarity whether you’re on your computer your phone or your tablet the primary blueprint piece is a big power button on and off it doesn’t get much simpler than that you can have Express VP and pick the fastest server based on your locating or you can choose yourself advanced facets such as a kill permutation tie protocol speeding testing and more successful in just a few sounds the only downside to using Express VPN is the price compared with the rivalry expressvpn is above norm on pricing with an annual program that are able to named you back $99 as of right now it’s not expensive but it is interesting when you consider alternatives with your 20 and 30% cheaper now that said I do believe that the quality of the software ease-of-use and customer support are worth the added cost now let’s take a look at rushes because there are so many parts that affect the acceleration of a VPN including my ISP distance from the server system joining etc be careful how you use this data so here are my results from expressvpn shown side by side with Nord VPN VIPRE VPN and no VPN as you can see expressvpn offerings huge moves but not significantly different than their challenger the last thing I want to look at is customer support which is important to me I invested era connecting with their 24/7 live converse help was happy with develop they responded within 30 seconds they supported refute the question to my enjoyment so to sum up this review expressvpn paces is one of the higher-end VPN corporations thanks to its simple customer event and excellent software the customer support was inspired and useful and even though the premium is a bit high you can always fall back on the 30 -day money-back guarantee and the three minute scrutinize is complete to visit the expressvpn website or to find out the latest marketings and promotions click on the link you see here as well as the link down below if you’d like a more complete set up tutorial for expressvpn i’ve link to that down below as well as my playlist with other VPN video inspects here thanks for watching

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