Surfshark vs IPVanish | Which VPN holds up better in 2022?

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This comparison features two of the most affordable VPNs right now, but don’t be fooled, there’s more to this IPVanish vs Surfshark comparison. I’m John from VPN PRO and I’m here to deliver you the most in-depth of all the Surfshark vs ipvanish 2022 reviews. I’ve tested these two VPNs extensively, and I’m pumped about showing you everything I learned about these services.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 How secure is Surfshark and IPVanish?
0:58 Do these providers employ RAM-only servers?
1:14 Where is IPVanish located?
1:25 Where is Surfshark located?
1:58 What features do these providers offer?
3:19 How fast are these VPNs?
3:52 Is IPvanish or Surfshark better at streaming?
4:47 Can you use these VPNs on any device?
5:34 Which VPN brings more value for money?
6:24 Final thoughts

Security and Privacy:

Ok, let’s start with Security and Privacy – the essential stuff. On the baseline, Surfshark and IPVanish are keeping up with the times – both satisfy the standards of modern encryption. They also both have a kill switch, a feature designed to prevent leaks during connection instability – I found this one to be more important than it sounds! Okay, we’re done with similarities in this Surfshark vs IPvanish review, for now. A lot of differences follow, starting with server architecture.
Surfshark uses RAM-only servers for a while now, meaning they can’t keep user data long-term. IPVanish still uses hard-drive servers, but unlike Surfshark, it owns every one of their servers. The jurisdiction is also different: any IPVanish VPN review will tell you that this service is located in the US, which as we all know is part of the five-eyes intelligence sharing alliance.


Otherwise, it’s time to talk about performance. Since both use the WireGuard protocol, I didn’t expect major differences in speeds. After all, even in server number, IPVanish and Surfshark are quite close, both having enough servers to sustain a major user base, even though IPVanish covers a bit less countries. However, Surfshark speed test shows a better result, both in the closest server and in the US.


Since streaming is the main aspect of using a VPN these days, speed is very important. I’ve tested Surfshark and IPVanish not just with Netflix, but with plenty of major streaming platforms. My conclusion – IPVanish is quite good at accessing Netflix US and only Netflix US. While the speeds are good, I suppose it’s no fun to miss out on the content from Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and more platforms that Surfshark accesses easily. Even with Netflix, Surfshark has no trouble getting into different libraries. Considering I’ve also used the SmartDNS feature for streaming from my SmartTV, something IPVanish can’t do, it’s clear which provider has an edge here.


Now, the question stands, between IPVanish vs Surfshark, which has better value for the price? Surfshark is notably very affordable, it’s amongst the cheapest VPNs and IPVanish is quite more expensive in comparison, plus the pricing plans are not very flexible. It doesn’t help that the price effectively doubles after the first period, making IPVanish a worse deal in comparison to Surfshark. And if you think that even the best VPN 2022 should be checked before purchase, IPVanish doesn’t have a trial to indulge you, only a money back guarantee. Surfshark, on the other hand, offers a 7-day trial on Android, iOS and MacOS.


To summarize this IPVanish vs Surfshark VPN review, the latter is more transparent in terms of privacy, has better performance and streaming capabilities and is cheaper, while the former is more suited to torrenting users in need of good security.

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