Surfshark VPN vs ProtonVPN 2021 | Major differences revealed

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Surfshark and ProtonVPN are both distinguished VPN services with commitment to privacy, security and great performance. But today, there can’t be two. Guys, in this full on Surfshark VPN vs. ProtonVPN comparison, I’m gonna let you know which one offers more value.

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00:00 Intro

1:10 Which VPN has more servers: Surfshark or ProtonVPN?
1:25 Is Surfshark faster than ProtonVPN?
4:06 Where Surfshark is based?
4:09 Where ProtonVPN is located?
4:53 Why Surshark VPN is safer than Proton VPN?
5:20 Can you use ProtonVPN for streaming on your mobile device?
5:30 Which Netflix libraries does ProtonVPN have?
5:50 Which VPN is better for streaming: Surfshark or ProtonVPN?
6:45 Which VPN to choose for torrenting: ProtonVPN or Surfhark VPN?
8:45 Does Surfshark have a dedicated app for Amazon Fire TV?
9:27 Does ProtonVPN have a live chat?
10:05 Surfshark or ProtonVPN: which one is the best for using in China?
12:02 Does Surfhsark have a free option?

Out of eight categories, Surfshark VPN won 7 in 2021. It is faster, more reliable, offers more servers and more security features to keep you safe. However, ProtonVPN offers a great free version – the plan is limited, but for privacy and security it’s perfect and it’s one of the best free VPN options out there.

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