Surfshark VPN vs Private Internet Access (PIA) | Best cheap VPN in 2021??

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2️⃣ Private Internet Access VPN (PIA):

Surfshark VPN and PIA are both famous VPNs, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but what does that actually mean for you? Guys, check our in-depth analysis of these two VPNs and find out which one is worth your time and money in 2021.

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00:00 Intro
1:10 Which VPN has more servers: Surfshark or PIA?
1:20 PIA VPN VS Surfshark: which one is faster?
2:28 Where Surfshark is based?
2:37 Where Private Internet Access VPN is based?

3:00 Who owns PIA VPN?
3:25 Which VPN to choose for security: PIA or Surfshark?
3:55 Private Internet Access VPN VS Surfshark: which one is better for Netflix?
4:25 Does PIA VPN have a Smart DNS?
4:45 Which VPN is better for torrenting: PIA VPN or Surfshark?
6:10 PIA or Surfshark – which one works better in China?

Surfshark VPN is a faster service that has a more beneficial location for your privacy and an assortment of features that overpower PIA’s server advantage. However, if you care little about security, you might find them to be somehow similar, except that Surfshark’s going to provide better performance for Netflix lovers and gamers.

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