Surfshark VPN Review 2021 (one major complaint you should know)

– I make, the software is impressive, but I’m reading this emailfrom their support team, and I’m like, severely? That’s the best answer you have? Agh! Hey kinfolks, thanks for joining me now at All Things Secured, I’m Josh, and today we’re gonna be walking through my review of Surfshark, a relatively new but increasingly popular virtual private structure or VPN. I’m gonna start by giving you a look at the desktop software, followed by the apps thatthey have for mobile devices. And then we’re gonna comparedSurfshark against other VPNs on the market and consider whatmakes them particularly unique. And then I’m gonna aim this review with the one complaint thatI have about this firm. Use the time markers you see here to prance to a specific part of this review. Let’s go ahead and dive in. Okay, I’ve got my laptophere in front of me.Let’s look at what thedesktop software looks like. As you can see here, they’ve got a basic, very similar setup to alot of different VPNs. You’ve got the Quick Connect, which enables us to time connect directly to whatever the fastest VPN. What I really like about thisis they keep it very simple. You’ve got a lot of VPNs that give you both physicaland virtual servers that you can choose from around the world, but not all of them tell you which ones are physical and virtual, and that’s one thing Ireally like about Surfshark. They have servers thatare specifically dedicated for peer to peer.And then this is really cool as well. They have Multihop. If you crave an added coating of security rights, you can go through twodifferent servers at a time. Now, conceded, it’s gonnaslow your linkage down, but they give a lot of different options for this Multihop. Again , not something I ensure very often with a lot of different VPN softwares. So, here you can choosethe fastest server, the nearest country, clearly they’ve gotservers all across the world. Let’s examine, if I wereto connect right now, you can see that the connectionis really pretty fast, formerly I am connected, it’s connecting me to a server here in Thailand. You can see I have the option to turn on or off a kill substitution, and a kill switch isbasically a feature for VPNs that allows that if the softwaresomehow get detached, your entire internetconnection gets killed, so that direction you’re nevertransmitting unencrypted data across the internet. Now, for some peoplethat’s really important, for a lot of people it doesn’t matter, so you can turn that on or off.Let’s look at their deep-seateds right here. You can specify based on network what you wanna do when you get into, formerly you’re connect to that structure, should you automaticallyconnect to the VPN or not, or should you suspend the link. In general, we can connectto a specific country when we first open up. We can unquit, invite, or stayconnected, or detach, and of course the kill swap. Different features you can enable, the clean entanglement, which we’lltalk about in a little bit. You can change youraccount stuff right here. And then the advanced aspects, there’s really not much on the iOS, it’s slightly differentfor Windows and Android, but not that much more different. So, that’s what you getwith the desktop experience. Next, I wanna pull up my phone and show you what the app looks like. Now, for the sake of this exercise, I’m gonna show you theapp on my tablet computer because it has a bigger screeninstead of all my phone, even if they are the apps lookpretty much same between the two manoeuvres. You can be found in the dwelling screenlooks very much same to what you saw on the desktop.If I Quick Connect now, it’s gonna connect to thenearest, fastest server, which again is here in Thailand. I’m gonna go ahead and undo and indicate you the different locations. I can probe on the top, I can choose the fastestor the nearest country, or I can move through theavailable country level metropolis where there are servers. Now, on the right side you see here I are truly picked a favorite server. I can star those servers now, or if you can see thislittle cliques right here, and that shows the server load, which, if it’s a ponderous onu, that means there’s a lotof people on that server and it’s likely gonna be a lot slower.For static, you can choose servers that don’t change their IP address , no matter how many times youdisconnect and reconnect. And then, of course, we have Multihop, which is the same featureyou looked on the desktop that allows you to connectto two different VPN servers, although it might slow downyour joining a little. Here on the features you canturn clean web on or off, and then you’ve got hacklock and blind pursuing, which I’ll discuss here in a moment. And then finally in our settleds, we can turn on the kill button, which I told you about earlier, you can connect differently based on what wifi structure you’re on. And then you do have a choice of protocol in the iOS version, which is what I’m showing you, which we didn’t have in the Mac version.They just had the IKEv2 acquaintance. For both Android and Windows, you will have these options for yourself, both on the mobile and the desktop. And ultimately, we have no frontiers, which is a feature, they don’t really go intotoo much detail about it, but to the best of my understanding, it helps you connect in countries where there’s high censorship like China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and others. You can connect and changethings for your accounting, and you help here from the mobile app. And that’s it. It’s a quite simple, but very elegant app. So, overall Surfsharkoffers a pleasing scheme, a great user experience. But how did they comparein terms of pieces with other VPNs? When I’m looking at a VPN, there are certain core boasts that I meditate all of them “shouldve been”, so I’m not gonna acclaim Surfshark for having the features I’mabout to share with you.( multitude applauding) But it is good to knowthat they have them. These features include aAES 256 flake encryption, that’s standard, live converse reinforce, everybody should have that, millions of servers spreadacross 60 plus countries, that’s great, options for a VPN kill switch, as well as two factorauthentication, a zero log programme, although, I must say, it’sdifficult to verify these claims and every VPN claimsthat they enter good-for-nothing, so take that with a grain of salt, and too standalone appsfor all major stages including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Fire TV, etc.So, these are the standard peculiarities, pretty much every VPN has them. So, what does Surfsharkoffer that’s unique? We’ve already seen a few of them as we’ve ambled throughthe software and the apps, but let’s run through the listing again. They render double hop VPN, which is something that I haven’t seen on many other VPN softwares. They render Smart DNS, which isn’t somethingthey advertise heavily, but it is useful in sometimes. They furnish unlimitedsimultaneous communications, and this is a big one. Most software, most VPN software simply give you five or six VPN joinings. Surfshark gives you unlimited connections.They have a split tunneling aspect, which they announce Whitelister. It’s not available on Mac or iOS, but you can find it onWindows and Android. And this facet allows you to choose specific apps or websites to tunnel through the VPN, while the rest of your internetconnection get unencrypted over the world wide web. They offered GPS override, whichis an Android simply peculiarity, unfortunately, but it’s somethingI haven’t seen elsewhere. It can be used to spoof yourGPS location on your phone for those working apps or websites that use the GPS feature todetermine your precise spot. In addition to these VPN pieces, Surfshark also offers anumber of other extra implements that are worth noting here, for example, you can usethe clean web ad bar, which is something I’veseen with other companionships, but this allows you to get some good ad blockingand malware blocking for when you’re surfing around the web.They furnish blind search, which is an interestingfeature that’s very similar to the incognito mode in your browser, and that it allows youto search for something without that search beingstored in your history or without it being connectedto your profile online. And ultimately, they give hack fastening, a tool that allows you to monitor your email or your passwords to make sure theyhaven’t been compromised.Now, frankly, even if it is a great tool, that’s not something I would use. I would rather take anduse a password director, like Dashlane or 1Passwordto do that for me. I think they do a little bit better job. Plus, I don’t like givingall of my info over to one specific busines. Overall, I’ve reallyenjoyed apply Surfshark. I desire the fact that it feels like they’vetaken all the best boasts from the different VPNsoftwares that I’ve abused, and combined it into one software package while keeping the pricereally, truly low-toned. But wait, I do have onecomplaint about this companionship that I have to share with you.I’ve even created it up withthe Surfshark customer support, and their react exactly wasn’tthat adequate to me. Let me demo you what I convey. If we navigate to the Surfshark website and we look for that about page, you’re gonna find that it, “ve been waiting for”. It doesn’t exist. Who runs Surfshark anyway? As far as I was ableto research on my own, they were established in 2018, and they’re based in theBritish Virgin Islands, which is common among VPNs because the government hasno data retention laws. So, I emailed their support staff and asked for a few more details, and this is the reply they gave me. “Surfshark Limited is ownedby private shareholders “who choose to exercisetheir right of privacy “and remain undisclosed.”It’s for the protection of children and privacy, ” blah blah blah blah. I want, don’t get me wrong, this is quite common for VPNs who don’t like uttering out any information about who owns or flows the company, but that doesn’t meanI’m gonna establish Surfshark a free pass for it. You know, it’s a rational fear that state performers mightbe behind a VPN company, especially since in 2019, it was found out that hundreds of VPNs were in fact owned by China. So, who runs Surfshark anyway? Because I can’t tell you that, I also have to hesitate ingiving a full recommendation for Surfshark. It’s a great piece of softwareand it’s priced really well.Heck, I use Surfshark onmy phone and my laptop, but because they don’t giveyou a lot of information about the company and who’sbehind that corporate pall, I’m just slightly upset. I hope this Surfshark reviewhas been useful to you. If so, give this video a thumbs up, or you can use my affiliatelinks in the specific characteristics below, which is one other way that you can support this YouTube channel and everything that I do. Thanks for your time.Remember, don’t wait until it’s too late. Take some time, ensure yourself online ..

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