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Transcript of Surfshark Review in 2020 – Top 5 Features of Surfshark VPN

What’s happening, guys, it’s Adam here from cyber dog back with another video. And today, I thought I’d run you through my top five favorite features of surf shark VPN. Now surf shark is one of the top VPN out there and for very good reason. And one of my favorite things about it, which sets it apart from the rest is the fact that with just one subscription, you can connect it to unlimited devices, meaning that if you’ve got a large family, and everybody’s wanting to use it at the same time, or even if you just got multiple devices on your own, this is a great option. And as you can see, compared with some of the competition, this is the only one that does this. Some of the others have a lot of options like seven with cyberghost, for example, but they’re usually between five and seven devices. So if you do have more than this, if you have a large family, like I say, then surf shark is definitely one for you. Now my second best feature on here is something that I make use of more than anything, and it’s surf sharks ability to unblock country restricted content on streaming sites, such as Netflix. So I’ll show you a little example here. So at the moment, I’m in my home country, which is the UK, and when I search on Netflix for say at the office is going to come up at the office, but it’s going to show me the UK version. Now this is great. But I’ve watched all of these ones. And I want to know watch the US version of the office, which isn’t available in my country. So to get around this, we just need to trick Netflix into thinking that I’m browsing from America, and it should unlock the entire US version of Netflix. Now it’s a very simple process. To do this, all I’ve done as you can see it select a server from the United States. And then when I come back into Netflix, this time, I could search for the office, and it’s going to think I’m in America. So it will show me the US version of the show. Now a lot of VPNs claimed to be able to do this, some can do it better than others and even some of the top VPN out there that say they can often have trouble when it comes down to it. But as you can see with surf shark is such a simple process. There’s no playing around with settings, and you’re not having to search through multiple servers until you find one that works. It really is as simple as clicking on the United States button, connecting back to Netflix. And that is it. And the good thing about surf shark is it’s not just Netflix This works with, there’s a host of streaming sites that you can unblock. These include Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW and even Disney plus. And third on my list is for those who are into torrenting. Now surf shark really does work great with torrenting, it keeps your connection extremely secure, and you know that everything’s going to run smoothly. Now, you don’t ever want to be torrenting using your own IP address or your own home internet connection. So surf shark has a great feature to get around this, you connect to a server using the VPN. And then you come into the menu system and you find the section that’s called kill switch. Now this is a great feature. And what it does is it will automatically disconnect your internet connection completely should your VPN drop for any reason. That means that if you’re in the middle of torrenting, and your VPN connection goes down, it won’t switch you back to your regular internet, it will cut it out completely. So there’s never going to be a moment when you’re torrenting whilst unprotected. And another thing which makes surfshop great for torrenting is then no log policy. When you’re torrenting, you want to make sure that nothing that you do online is being recorded at any point. And this is exactly what this no log policy means they do not keep a record of any of your data or browsing activity. And number four on my list has to be this amazing feature called clean web. Nobody likes getting a virus on their computer. And obviously, nobody likes those annoying ad pop ups. So what this does, when you turn it on is it will stop all of that. Effectively what it’s doing is some of the major jobs that antivirus software can do, except it’s built right into the VPN, in my opinion that this feature alone is worth getting a subscription for, because it’s really doing the job of an antivirus software and of the VPN at the same time. Which brings me on to my fifth favorite thing about surf shark and that is the sheer value for money.

Thanks for watching my Transcript of Surfshark Review in 2020 – Top 5 Features of Surfshark VPN video.

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