Surfshark Review 2021 (हिन्दी) 🔥- Best Budget VPN in India

Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani, and herewe talk about digital implements and business Today we are going to talk about Surfshark VPN, VPN is a topic that I have discussed a lot, and Surfshark is one of my favourites Today we will do a detailed review, I have been using it since a year I have been previously applied a lot of VPNs, so today’s video would be on the basis of such suffers, Without any delay, let’s get started Surfshark was launched in 2018 On their about us page, you can find their crew, till the previous year they have not disclosed their team But in the current year, they have disclosed their unit, which is good, Coming on to servers, there are 32,000 plus servers in 65 countries and They have virtual servers likewise, it is likely to be denotedby big v Talking about Indian Servers there are 3 servers in total You are also welcome to find Static IP, It’s not in India but in non-eu countries you can find it Talking about race, my current internet fast is 120 Mbps downloadand upload And when I connected to the Indoreservers in India, then I got some really good hastens There was around 10% drop.I researched accelerates onall my maneuvers. When I connected to USA servers, when I selected USA, Chicago I tested on all of the machines: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android There was no major rapidity stop I was surprised, that I determined such speeds of above 100 Mbps in all the 4 maneuvers So races are definitely improved, compared to the previous year There is Wireguard Protocol, I have done all the tests through Wireguard Protocol So due to that, the accelerates might have improved Wireguard etiquette is not for Linux System, But if you are using any other system, then Surfshark Wireguard Protocl is for you Talking about security they have AES 256 Bit standardencryption For protection protocol, they have IKEv2 OpenVPNWireguard They also have Shadowsocks, if you are insome most censored country like China, so you can use it For Audit, they got audited by Cure5 3, but it was only for the browser postponements like Chrome and Firefox I hope that members get themselves reviewed for No Log Policy too You also get 2FA with AutoKill functionality For DNS Leaks, I have conducted research, and there was no IP Leak Talking about Streaming I could certainly Stream Netflix US without any problem I faced a number of problems with Amazon Prime, it runs and sometimes it doesn’t work Talking about Hotstar India, it was working but in my occasion, it was buffering a good deal P2P is allowed in all of their servers You can do torrenting from Indian servers Talking about its jurisdiction, Surfshark is based on the British Virgin Islands, It is too out of the 14 looks, which necessitates, the Government cannot force them to keep enters, and that’s good, Talking about log information, they don’t stop any logs, for your IP address for browsing, or how much bandwidth did you devour, None of that is collected from your intention Surfshark introduced their RAM Only Servers last year, RAM Only Servers imply the data would be on RAM RAM is a volatile recognition, As soon as your servers restart, whatever you have browsed, would automatically be deleted from their servers, In all such cases, the company cannot save their data, it’s known as Diskless server All your business happen on RAM, So this was firstly in the Express VPN Last year, it has been introduced by Surfshark even So this is a good thing and in good guidance Plus, the No Log Policy claims come strong due to this point The privacy plan is clean, there are no confusing words been used, They have been very clear for the information they muster or they don’t collect What they collect: Email Address and Basic Billing information, if you do not want to give that Then you can use cryptocurrency, for which the alternative is available, They use Google Analytics in the same manner, other websites use this peculiarity, you can also opt-out from it Through Split Tunnel, you can whitelist some apps or websites which is not use VPN bonds For example, Your banking websites, Uber, Ola, Zomato, you can whitelist, all such apps In suit your VPN is off, so these all websites run without VPN Because it doesn’t make any sense of using VPN, You have to provide your location to Uber and Zomato, It doesn’t call for privacy, so in that you would not necessary VPN If I talk about some added facets, So let’s first talk about Clean Web, You get the function of Clean Web, Basically, this function is to block ads If you turn on this boast and then visit a website, Suppose I am going to a News Website, Times of India, You won’t find any ads, because we have turned on the aspect of Clean Web Basically it blocks all the ads Now I will Turn Off the Clean Web and then present you how the website would actually look, So now you can see all the ads are there on the websites There are a lot of ads You get the Multi HOP Functionality Your communication will bounce off from 2 places If I want to connect to India, so the connection will return from Singapore, then from Singapore it will go to India So it adds to the extra level of security but it will also reduce speeds if you want to use the Multi HOP Functionality You can also find the Camouflage Mode, It is mostly obfuscation servers, If you want to use it in countries like China where the VPN has been blocked, it will work over there You will have to use the OpenVPN Protocol, if you’re using Surfshark, I have never been to China, but I have heard that Surfshark VPN labors a little bit slow in China It is not very good option for China You get the GPS Override Feature, which means you can change the GPS Location It will change the IP address as well as the GPS Location If you chose to the orientation Singapore, then your GPS Location can be selected from Singapore, This functionality is only available for Android, I don’t think this functionality is practically possible in iPhone because there are a lot of restrictions You get the option of Smart DNS If you want to use on such patients where there is no VPN like: Apple TV, Smart TV, or Xbox, if you want to use it there, you can use it by Location Spoofing, Now keep in mind, that here there’s no encryption so there would not be any certificate It’s just for point spoof if you want to access the content from anywhere else then you can use Smart DNS Talking about the inventions, it works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV, AndroidTV and iOS The best part is, I can use it on unlimited devices I can use it on all the 5 inventions Talking about its own history of Surfshark it is quite clean and since 2-3 years, there is a lack of major objections They also provide comments on their website regarding the GAG requires Talking about the user interface, it is quite clean and modern In my opinion, it is quite easy to use, you won’t face current problems, The main problem is related to the android app, The app is not available in the represent storage When you will purchase it, you can download the APK from their website The best part is, the app would be automatically updated, You’ll get the pop-up for modernizes, so it will be automatically informed, so that’s good But when I queried the support for this So firstly they replied with non-satisfactory answers The explanation was: due to the non-requirements from the public But when I enquired further They said it was due to the fact that in India, there is a lot of user abuse for the 7 day trial period, Now they provide only to the genuine purchasers, who actually make a subscription purchase, Customer support is 24 x7 live conversation, there is a good knowledge base There is a lack of major complaints from their customer support Before I talk about pricing and rebate certificate system, I would like to provide a renunciation This is not a sponsored video from surfshark, All the sentiments i have mentioned are based on my personal experiences and research, If you like my video, then you can buy from the links mentioned below, It will assist me in coming the regional commissions, without you compensating any extra costs for it In fact, you’ll too get good dismiss, So if you like my content you can support me by obtaining from my ties-in, So coming onto pricing, If you’ll go through my association: surfshark You’ll get 3 months additional, from my association The total pricing for 27 months would be of Rs. 4500 Approx You can also catch some addons like Surfshark alert, and Surfshark search I will also explain these Payment options include International Debit or Credit Card If you have cryptocurrency then you can establish obtains through that You get 30 days payed policy, One thing which you have to keep in sentiment is, you do not have to buy it from iTunes, Appstore, Amazon or Prepaid Gift Card You can purchase from their website, then you can claim for the pay, If I am talking about 2 addons, there are Surfshark Alert It basically observes your email and credit card, It informs about breach, through email The best part about Surfshark alert is, your information that is being revealed is also explained in detail It accurately tells from the information: from passwords, what the fuck is leaked, It tells about password hash and the information contained within it I personally help Surfshark alert for emails, or for credit cards, but I don’t think it will be required for everyone if you do not have lots of notes or you do not require latest information then you can access a website for finding out the data breach for free: The second Addon was Surfshark Search: If you want to securely search, without discovered out So you can search through this Before I talk about Pros and COns, “if youre having” liked this video, then LIKE this video If I talk about its Pros: The fast is fast, you can use it in endless maneuvers, There are RAM Servers, the pricing is quite affordable, Netflix can be streamed and customer support is good If I talk about Cons: The app is not available in the play-act accumulation, in India Split Tunnel Function is not available in iOS or Mac Audit is only for browser extension Wireguard Protocol is not available in Linux Should you buy Surfshark VPN? In my view, Surfshark has been improved a good deal, compared to last year, You get better hurries, there is also a lot of speedings stability There is Wireguard Protocol and RAM Servers, so the privacy is good, and the No Log Policy is quite strong due to this So if you are looking for a Budget VPN that helps you in streaming Which have a good privacy programme and who have the notion of No Logging If you want to stream Netflix, then it would be a good option for a Budget VPN So that’s all for this one If you have liked this video, then you can purchase from the links mentioned below, I’ll see you guys in the next one, Goodbye

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