Surfshark Review 2020- Can Surfshark VPN Handle Unblocking Amazon Prime?

In my Surfshark review, you will see if Surfshark VPN can easily unblock Amazon Prime or not.
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Transcript below for ‘Surfshark Review 2020- Can Surfshark VPN Handle Unblocking Amazon Prime?’

What is happening guys, it’s Adam here back with another video. And today I’m going to be showing you how to use surf shark VPN so that you can access country restricted content on amazon prime video. Now I’m in the UK right now. And I’m going to be using the movie creed two as an example. So when I search for Cree two, it has a watch now button. When I click on that watch now button, it comes up with a message saying that this title isn’t available in my location. Now I know that this title is available in America. So we’re going to use F sharp to access an American server. And then we’re going to trick amazon prime video into thinking that we’re in the United States. As you can see, I’ve connected to the server with just one simple click. And from here we can come back onto Amazon Prime, and then we can search for crito. Again, only this time when it comes up. We’re going to click on that watch now button. But it’s not going to take us to the page saying we can’t access the content. It’s going to take us straight into the movie itself. Now you might have noticed it said continue watching there. That’s because I was already watching this movie and I’m about two thirds of the way through the loading speeds have been amazing and I’ve had no issues with buffering whatsoever. So if you’re looking to stream content that you can’t easily access from your own country, I definitely recommend surf shark. I hope this video has been informative and it’s helped you to understand how it all works. I appreciate you watching. So a big thank you for that. Make sure you guys stay safe online, and I will catch you on the next video.

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