[ Music] freedom i want to speak to you about free vpns especially for streaming if you’re looking for a free vpn or the very best free vpn you might think you’d be doing yourself some praises but rely me stop using free vpns let me tell you why coming up[ Music] hey people welcome back it’s lee here of course from lee tv hope you are well now today’s video is all about free vpns and i want to tell you to stop using a free vpn yes i shouldn’t tarnish all three vpns with the same brush but there’s so many dodgy and nulled editions out there i want to talk to you a bit about them how you can tell if it’s a sort of legit service and some little tips-off on the website that will sort of give you manifestations on if they are going to be collecting any form of data i’m going to tell you why you should avoid these free vpns because some of the coding that’s in the apps i’m going to show you some of the stats from a back end server from what that musters from where free vpns are hosted i’m going to show you some free vpns on the google app store that are linked to wordpress websites which if they’re outdated and they’ve got a lot of plugins on with a lot of vulnerabilities then your data might not be secure because as great as wordpress is there’s so many vulnerabilities that intruders could gain access to it’s really simple in fact myself and a few others have had it done to their websites and then i’m going to show you the only free vpn i would recommend from a relied well-known service that in my opinion is by far the best free vpn you can get especially for streaming title with all that being said if you’re new around here consider subscribing if you like your streaming tips and tutorials ring that bell icon so you don’t miss a future video but let’s just jump in to today’s video right i want to start with the google gambling storage because if we do a simple search for free vpn you’ll see there are thousands of different free vpns out there and even more from outside the accumulation another difficulty with a lot of these are they are based on some sort of source code or template that you can get online and a speedy tip-off if they’ve got ads in there or they give some sort of reward where you can get premium access after so many eras or by clicking ads that for me and for you should ring warning signs anything that has to road rewards or has ad tracking or anything like that in has some use of moving and the thing is with remunerations plainly that app will need to keep record of everything you’ve done to claim your reinforce so your progress for instance problem with that is any moving of any compensation will need to store that data in a database on the back end of a website which means your data is being collected and whilst we’re talking about data being mustered if the apps or the services are connected to some form of wordpress website that necessitates it’s hosted with a multitude provider that makes the data is also being rallied so they can’t guarantee logs because even though they are they set up some constitute of cron undertaking which deletes all the logs whoever they’re give to provide the hosting carton they will likewise have logs so this is no guarantee of zero enters so yes the majority of these free vpns will be collecting or moving your data and accumulating them on their hosting and if they’re being erased then the hosting assistance will be tracking that information and a lot of the times the hosting service is going to be based in the uk the us who are subject to five seeings and no doubt will keep their records for a certain amount of occasion and could be forced to hand over that datum in fact most hosting corporations don’t even allow the use of a vpn on their server package but the majority of them free apps will still do that so let’s go back to the template i mentioned the template earlier if you do a simple search for an age-old android source system you can get a free app template to build a free vpn i convey well originated one in the past but when i realized that it’s not really stick i pulled the app here is an android source code you download the source code and you basically build it inside android studio the thing with these node copies is there could be malevolent code in there that have massive vulnerabilities which conveys any hacker who’s well understood that vulnerability could just hack the app and gained their unauthorized material or personal data on the design you’re using it and time from use the app on your telephone there’s no real space from telling on the app accumulation if it is an old version of the app but all the designs are pretty same and is why i would just avoid them all together now let’s have a look at the stats so this is a snapshot of google analytics just an example there’s no data on now but most websites or apps have the google analytics tracking system were integrated into it which gives private developers or the owner insight into looking at where the subscribers are what they’re doing what the activity is how long they’ve done that activity for you can get so much activity data from google analytics and most of the free vpn apps have support for like one signal and google analytics now i’m not saying you could do anything with google analytics my part is for an app that’s supposed to provide anonymity and privacy i think you get the point and too a lot of the times with these apps you do get an admin panel which is on your server so on that admin panel you’ll get a dashboard through visual accuse describing the number of users premium customers admin can realise business decisions user management all consumer data are assembled in a table where admin can scour and contact in specific cases so all customer data will be stored in a database on the back end of the server you get my part now in addition to the google analytics that merely tracks your work i’m not saying it enters your ip address nine periods out of ten most of the free vpn apps are built to generate an income not to provide you online privacy and i’m gonna jettison my neck on the line and pretty much guess pretty much most of these apps here will have ads will have compensations or will have tracking inside of them or will be hosted on an internet site where all the data is being entered and in terms of records from a server position this is your cpanel stats it’s quite misty i know but it’ll give you information on all the users or the active goes the ip address is used the locations and countries there’s a list of the ip addresses everyone that’s connected how long for where they come from what they did what connects they clicked that’s the sort of records i’m talking about so even though you think you might be secure you’re probably doing more shattering exercising some of these free vpns without you even knowing it i know vpn’s at a cost and in some cases they are quite a lot but for a small cost i clearly recommend having a vpn especially if you’re streaming third-party content because as you participate we live in a tracking nature where data is just everywhere and the website or app that you’re using will have information logged on this server of your ip address where you’re based what you’re watching how long you watched it for and other activities you did whilst on that website or app so for the sake of a few dollars a month it is worth a vpm but if you still require a free one bide aria because i’m going to show you which i think is the best in really a second i just want to show you one more thing how to tell if a website is a wordpress hosted website which will give you some indication that they are connected to a host where they won’t be able to control their activity unless it’s their server and they can guarantee that they are cleansing their records and ousting all their data pretty much daily so if we go to hide me vpn they are a very popular service at a trusted service let’s go to their website they’ll have privacy programmes but that’ll give you some way of mark these proposal a free package and a fee parcel with a free box you get 10 gig data traffic you can use five different countries and you get one connection and they likewise offer a payment mean so if you crave hide me vpn i’ll leave that join down below they’re a well-known trusted service and to check if it’s wordpress hosted we’re just going to make the domain and then situated a forward gash wp admin and as you can see that page is not noted wp admin is the login page for wordpress websites which will give you some expres if it’s a self-made website posted on some hosting bundle you can even go further and check the ip address and check other websites link to it if you missed but i’m not going to get into that in this video i just want to show you the difference so if we go back to the play store let’s go down let’s picking vpn private let’s have a look at that so it seeks good great evaluates trip website well that one’s on a blogspot website so it’s not even their own proper legit website not saying the vpn app is hosted there but for a vpn service that’s supposed to guarantee no logs and protect your privacy and they’re using a free website from it time doesn’t examine the very best so so the point is there’s ladens out there a lot of them use a generic template for their app a great deal of them use standard hosting for their app on their website and their backend panel so a lot of them even though they say no enters can’t is ensured like i said if there’s ads within the free app or there’s some wage type of feature personally it’s something i wouldn’t exert but of course it’s up to you guys i’m not here to tell you what to do i’m just here to give you some information for you to make up your own mind on whether you think it’s safe enough to use yourself now in addition to hide me i strongly recommend proton vpn as well i use protonmail for my business line-up of things it’s an encrypted mail service they’re brilliant but they’ve also got a vpn if we click on getvpn you can see they also offer a free bale for the free sheaf you get one connection you get three countries and a medium velocity strict no enters program the great thing about proton is they’re based in switzerland who are heavily focused on privacy laws and you know what for the sake of four dollars a month i’d also check out their basic parcel if you demand more access to more countries come more joinings and get an even faster raced i’ve reviewed them in the past i highly recommend them immense peculiarities enormous patronage if you demand the free or the basic or even the plus or utopian i’ll leave the link in the video description which is an affiliate link so if you do make the paid copy i do earn a small commission anyway that is it that’s all i’ve got to say in my opinion stop using free vpns they’re not worth it nine periods out of ten they’re just there to make money themselves through ads through rewards whatever it is it’s to line their pockets not to protect your privacy you want a free vpn use the trusted specifies like conceal me and proton vpn they’re links up down below but for the sake of like two or three quid i would recommend abusing the basic package which will give you more pieces regardless hopefully this video was contributed some organize of value and you guys start to see free vpns in accordance with the rules i do i always get asked what is the best free vpn and my answer is always i don’t recommend free vpns because it’s hard to distinguish the difference between a legit free vpn and a one that’s just out for themselves anyway if you are new around here consider subscribing reverberating that bell icon so you don’t miss a future video that’s all for this one i’ll see you guys in the next one[ Music] wow

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