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Transcript for Squarespace Website Review Pricing Explanation – Which Squarespace Plan Should You Get?

What is happening, guys, so I have just made a video reviewing and showing you some of the features of Squarespace. And if you want to watch that video, check the link in the description below. But once you’ve created your website, you’re going to want to take out a subscription so you can make it go live. So as you can see, there are four levels of subscription and the price increases depending on how many features you want. This is the pay monthly option. But if you switch to the pay annually option, you can actually see savings of up to 30%. Having said this, you could also save more if you can find certain deals and discounts which they often put online. To make this easy for you. I’ll stick a link in the description below. And this will take you to the best possible deal that they have on at the current time. So let’s take a look at the different options and see what they have on offer. Now, first of all is the personal and the business account. These are standard websites. But if you want an online store where people can buy things, you’re going to want to take a look at these two commerce plans. So let’s take a look at some of these features. First of all, we have a free custom domain. And this goes with all of the accounts, you also get an SSL security no matter which package you have. This is a feature which can cost up to about $80 a year if you’re self hosting. And what it does is it will give you this secure padlock sign at the top of your page. So when people are on your site, they’ll know that their browsing is being kept secure. So next up, we have unlimited bandwidth and storage. And this means you’re not going to run out of space on your website. And this is across all of the packages. And then we have SEO features for site visibility. Seo stands for search engine optimization. And basically with these features, it will help you to rank highly in Google and other search engines like that. So every package will come with their full range of templates. And underneath this, we have the contributors section. Now they all have an unlimited amount here apart from the personal account. A contributor is basically somebody that has access to your site to be able to help design and maintain it. All packages will be optimized for mobile websites. And they’ll also all have access to the 24 seven customer support. Underneath this, we have basic website metrics. And this basically means that you can access stats about your site, such as who’s visiting and where they’re from. And all of the packages allow the use of Squarespace extensions, which are extensions from third party companies, which will help with your business and website in general. So below, this is where the features for the personal package run out. But the rest of them still contain some of these additional features. So for starters, you get a professional email from Google. This means you get a professional Gmail and G Suite account for the first year of your product, you will also get access to the premium integrations and blocks. So basically, you’ll have more of a range of applications that you can include on your website, you will also have complete customization with CSS and JavaScript. And if you don’t know what that means, you do not need to worry about it. But basically, if you want to add your own coding to change the appearance of your website, then you can do so. So the next section is all about the commerce options. Now you’ll notice that even on the business plan, commerce options are available, but they are very limited. So the first five options in this section are available on all three of the remaining packages. This is the fully integrated ecommerce which means you can run a shop on all three packages. Now with the business plan, there are 3% transaction fees, but with the basic and advanced these transaction fees are zero. So you can also sell unlimited products, you can accept donations, and you can even accept your very own digital gift cards. Ran out of 5k characters limit.


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