Squarespace Review 2020 ๐Ÿ”ฅ Is The Squarespace Website Builder Right For You?

โœ… Watch My Squarespace Review 2020 & See If Squarespace Website Builder Is Right For You.
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Transcript of Squarespace Review 2020 – Is Squarespace Website Builder Right For You?

What’s happening guys, I have been playing around with Squarespace and doing a lot of research on it. So I thought today I’d make a little video to show you guys what it’s all about. Now the first thing which really stood out to me is how simple it is to get going with a free trial. It’s literally a case of clicking one button and you are started. So check the description below for the link to get going. Not only will this link take you directly to their website, but it will also show you any deals or discounts they may have on at the present time. So when setting up your site, there’s a couple of questions they asked such as what the site is about and what you intend to do with it. But they really are simple questions, and it doesn’t take long at all. As you can see, I’m already into the main system. From here, all you need to do is choose your theme from the many categories available, select it and job done. This is where it’s going to ask you to create an account but it really couldn’t be more simple. It’s just your name, email address, and that is it You do not need to provide any payment information whatsoever. So from start to finish that has taken one minute and I already have my account and website ready to start designing. My first impressions are that the website is very well laid out and easy to navigate around the different menu systems even for a complete beginner. Now the way that the editing works is everything is laid out in sections and content blocks to make it easy to position things where you want them. So one of the other main website builders out there is Wix, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, and Wix is great, but there are some differences when it comes to how you edit. For example, Wix, you don’t have these content blocks, you can literally place anything any way you like on the screen at all. This may sound great because it means you have freedom of design a little bit more than you do with Squarespace. But it can also bring many problems such as when you switch to mobile view, the things that you’ve placed in certain positions could be moved to other areas that you weren’t expecting. Meaning that you have to readjust things over and over again when you’re switching between mobile and desktop view. So you get many different options when editing each section. For example, right now I’m editing the header section. And you can add things like a button very simply, as you can see here. And you can add things like links to your social media channels and also things like your shopping cart. If you’re running an online shop. Now you’re not limited to the sections that come with each template, you can add and remove them whenever you like there’s a whole host of different sections that you can choose from. So you can pretty much design any style of website that you can think of. But for now, I’m just going to add a video section in there so that you can see how it works. So once you’ve chosen your section and added it into your website, you’re not stuck there. You can then rearrange the sections as much as you like by simply shifting them up and down until you’re happy with the layout. And from here you can add and arrange separate content blocks by using a drag and drop system. And once you have them in place, you can then go on to customize them further. And then if you want to add a brand new page altogether, this is also a simple process that you can choose from a different selection of page types. Or you can just select blank page and start fresh. So Squarespace has a host of intricate features which are really think makes it stand out from the competition. As an example comparing it to Wix is biggest competitor, I think Wix is more like say an Android phone, whereas Squarespace is more like an iPhone. With the Android there are slightly more features and you can do more with it. But with the iPhone or Squarespace in this case, there are slightly less features, but each one is more refined and more fine tuned. So you really feel like you’re getting that quality over quantity. Ran out of 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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Squarespace Review 2020 – Is Squarespace Website Builder Right For You?

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