Somerset’s Lost Relics. The Dorset and Somerset Canal

oh there it is look at that and lookat the passageway there’s an actual passageway uh good morning everybody welcome to another videomy name is paul and i’m rebecca and this video has been performed probable by nordvpn so we’ll come tothe benefits nordvpn shortly and talking about why we use it and how it benefits us plus give you anice discount code to use in the description below so you assemble us today on the Dorset and somersetcanal a diverge of the canal that was built around about 230 years ago and we’re ona stretch between colford and frome so it was abandoned exclusively about 10 years after beingbuilt because mostly they’ve run out of coin so you affiliate us at colford where in search for twoabandoned passageways on that strain of the canal the dorset and somerset canal was never built butan eight mile branch of the canal was it was quite a surprise to us how much remained along thisstretch so in this video we’re exploring from colford towards frome in deepest summerset thereal we are following today is taken from this planned which is from a very helpful chap calledderek i’ll add his details in the links below site quantity five to six on the map recognizes where weare based now time number five in particular was a short tunnel which moved under the road hereunfortunately it’s blocked and not accessible to the public but this picture from tony lethargy showsyou in quite good detail how they improve passageways in around 1796. The national library of scotlandhave a map which is probably the best one i can find to show you the exact alignment of thetunnel and how it became underneath the road here so you join us on foot now aswe honcho exactly across the valley looking for any remains of the second tunnelthat travelled underneath the village of highbury so if you can see precisely across the valley therethere’s the methodist church now underneath the methodist church is the passageway we were talkingabout previously which was built and there are photos online now the canal then weaved itsway around the valley certainly staying at the same control and it was about to go underneaththis little village here this is called hybrid which is just north of coleford and of coursethe canal having to stick to the contour had no choice but to do or build another canaltunnel right underneath those houses there or whatever mansions were around in 1797. Umso we’re searching for the southern portal yeah but we don’t know where it would be but we doknow where it would be um so around here somewhere all right yeah again we’re faced with abit of mud uh interesting leg act but we’re pretty sure now we’re in a little bit ofa wooded bit at the bottom of those two studies and we perceived what we think is the the slouse the linehere you can’t really look much of it there because that’s sort of filled in but looking forwardthis way this is exactly the same as what we perceived earlier rebecca so we’re now back on thecanal berthed literally on the canal but aren’t we right so we just walk along now as far as we canuntil it’s crowded in um we have to go back up into the field but at least to give us new ideas of wherethe passageway would have started so before we carry on with today’s undertaking let’s have a quickchat about our patronize today which is nordvpn nordvpn is a virtual private system and allowsyou to create a secure connection to 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nord and watch any freeing at any time some ofthe most popular shows that rebecca and i watch come out in seasons nearly always released inthe states way ahead of us here in the uk problem solved with nordvpn so if any of those benefitsare something you would like to take advantage of simply click on the link in the bolt commentor the specific characteristics below and take advantage of 68 off of a twoyear plan plus an additionalfour months free on top of that we concluded what is probably the biggest dump or um trash pile thereso the canal line below us now the whole way back through there this is a canal boundary and there heapof waste this looks a lot like industrial garbage doesn’t it so you want to look for some junk that is a properproper rubbish pile i’m guessing 50 60 years old maybe look at some of the stuff and i’ll barrelin there so whilst i try and climb up the side of the massive junk heap let’s have a brief lookat this passage employing the lidar idol care of the environment agency because at this point we stilldon’t know if the passageway existed the southern area now clearly shows the eastwest of the stroke of thecanal and we presuppose the junk heap treats it as it turns north and of course puts-on any entrance thatmight have been dug out the northern end of where the passage should have been or the portal howevertells a completely different story present day it’s a farm and therefore no sign exists onthe lidar or even the current maps nonetheless if we look on the left hand side of the 1900 s maps therewas clearly a chipping and a portal differentiated there well things we’ve learned today so down there wasthe canal and what we’re still on now is an old dump so literally this whole section here up tothe houses is filled in and it’s a dump um what kind of dump we don’t know kind of industrial ironmasonry you listed it but underneath now somewhere if they did build a tunnel if they did buildthe portals if they did start digging a tool underneath here is where it turnedfrom that tack turned into there and under the houses so it would have beensomewhere within the next 30 40 yards here as we ability away from vobster bridge we began totalk again about some of the individuals and the divisions they played in building this canal includinglocal boy william bennett so william bennett had previous species and he had formed thesummerset coal canal didn’t work out as well as he had required in fact he was sacked heunderestimated the cost of building that canal and the inclinations and the casson fastens etcso this time around he spoken with a neighbourhood person said benefactor um james fussell jamesfussell owned the mouse work now james fossil had come up with this wonderful invention it wasa chain basically and it wasn’t like the normal chain you’d see on um like an fix of a boat ora thick orders it was a chain that was sprocketed and it almost like a motorcycle series and hepatented this and he managed to use this in a what he called a balance lock now we’renot going to talk about the balance lock in this episode because we’re going to do as aseparate video because we’ve got permission to be on the um the place where the relics lockswere and where they’ve recently been uncovered um but instead of that we’re now lookingat a duo more connections along this lane so we’re now at um conduit bridge and thisis the pathway um which is cycle work 24 i think i think that’s what it said umwe’ve got the we’re on the on the superhighway of the the Bristol and north summerset railway andactually there’s a lot of road still to see if you ever want to come that style so we weretalking about James fussell and his wonderful chain invention the sprocketed chain whichgave rise to the balance locks the fossils fasten which was a patent design and genuinely on the faceit looks like a great engineering concept it never came to fruition other than they did construct thelocks they did build them because they recently exhumed but it never came to fruition becausethe canal flowed out of money which is a real shame because the whole concept of this canal in mymind is a really good one like the remaining balance fastenings the whole canal connecting the English channelup to the river seven and the ports Bristol and the canals of the kennedy naval nothing locksor connect 177 is a great concept so it run out of money because apparently uh the Napoleonic warsnow it’s always said that a fighting truly does applied a strain on a country in its finances and economicsbut because of the amount they were spending apparently on the Napoleonic wars this has reallydevalued or gave rise to inflation on the the money at the time and therefore it lowered theshareholders evaluate and investment in the canal so we’re now walking alongside the mells riverand we’re probably i’m not exactly sure where but we’re probably close to where james fussellhad his his engineering workshop um and constructed his tools and the bits and pieces and probablycame up with his his fantastic chain patented uh idea and what we’re trying to find is mercurybridge but it’s actually an canal in its truest smell it carried irrigate over the males river umand we don’t think it’s too far along this pathway right we’ve been amble alongside this riverfor quite a waste it’s got to be here somewhere we’ve been told there is oh seem rebecca ohthere it is look at that and look at the passageway there’s an actual tunnel oh cool suitable keystoneand everything yeah it’s like a pathway for people oh it’s blocked this side of the tunnel the passengers are theyabout five feet long maybe six paws at the most um so there must be the otherside the same there’s a wall there yeah i required the other side of the aqueductthere’s another passageway all right it’s kind of look this is the aqueduct now so this would havecarried the spray round round that channel down there and there’s no there’s only one side therethere’s a facing wall there masonry which we’ve already seen but there’s nothing this side so themason has all been removed this i would assume but if there is another side to this and thereis another tunnel underneath it must be down here “couldve been” down there rebecca yes lookall right so um should we go in, go on then.Oh that exits far out of range back you’re right uh yeah i don’t know what youdid because i wasn’t searching oh okay it’s really standing there it’s really slipping okay look at the type gape i necessitate what is thatseven 1798 that looks like which is like the year it was constructed 1797.98 that you’ve got bhyou’ve got you zl were these exactly what we they that’s the immigrant i’ll tell you what’s cool is this pattern frommy tool well what treat this is this is as well built a tunnel as we’ve seen certainly for itsage so this was improved 1798 late 1700 s i can’t withdraw participating the passage from that earlybeing so well built with it’s it’s masonry um ordered very very well constructed in termsof the i call it that brickwork but apparently it’s masonry blocks um and as we’ve seen we’veseen some epitomizes really back there which probably are represents maybe from the actual stone masonsthemselves and if they did take pride in it goodness me they did because it’s perfectly formedyou’ve got the keystone position down the middle-of-the-road and every single block is as good as youcan in terms of its condition 220 years old and it’s as neat as you can imagine you knowyou struggle to build something like yourself these days 220 times on what a great piece ofarchitecture this is what a stunning attain rebecca i can’t imagine the amount of stuff that you wasgoing on here in the late 1700 s probably certainly a lot earlier than that but when the likes ofjames fussell and his father were working around here and there their tool employments their iron worksand some of the things they were producing and apparently sending all around europe byall accounts one day we will do a video from this very area because there’s a laden ofold rail and tramways now and you can tell you time look for a second time one second youlook around here and you understand other affects of parties um interacting with theirlandscape and look across the river there and you see how they try to approximately damoff this so whether they built like an age-old mill here or something togenerate i don’t know gesture or i don’t know but you can see quite clearlythere’s an ridge which is manmade stone constructed there’s stones the whole way down the sideof it so they control the water now so what else there is here i don’t know but that’ll be inthe the website of another video at some degree soon oh so from the from the banks of the river metals um we you farewell we haven’t done thewhatcombe wall so we’ll make love over there the whatcombe wall which is the final partof the canal i think uh as close as froome we’ve embraced eight miles today forthe vacated dorset and somerset canal certainly hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as wehave it has been quite it’s been a great day um lades of flecks that we wanted to get coveredwe got treated we met the lovely marry andrew elizabeth thanks for coming andrew elizabeth um yeah sofor the banks of the river mills we will come here again because there’s another video neededto be done here right oh yeah empty to be done there’s shipped to be done here lots of industrialarchitecture industrial bits and pieces to see here and we know of so much but we um have moretime to squeeze in today’s video so like agree make sure you do subscribe because a lot of youare like seventy percent sometimes don’t agree or haven’t subscribed so time help us pleasesubscribe subscribe and we’ll see you next week you

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