SoftLayer – Tutorial Fifteen – Part2 – Site-to-Site IPSec VPN

to construct part 2 tutorial 15 responsibility 2 my honour is Amy and Killian I’ve been doing a short circuit tutorials on how to get going using IBM software and we’ve taken a modest Segway and we’re doing Viator and v yr x and how to get and a site-to-site VPN hooked up between two machines as if we had the internet so this machine if you’ve been following part one this machine is going to be our internet machine so we’re just going to configure this up we’ve only just started with a clean totally refreshed for you ILS implementation so what we’re going to do with this machine is we’re gonna go into configure mode roars if I actually situated myself into the window in configuration mode we are going to set the hostname why not set system host – name and and we’re gonna make this internet we won’t perpetrate that just yet we might as well time get the boundaries done as well set interface Ethernet e 0 e 0 is going to be on the 64 area of things so we’re going to say it’s 64 0 0 1 and its mask is gonna be slash 30 because we only want two addresses on this 64 Network to emulate the internet for us so that’s fine bawls ah don’t forget to say you’re giving it the address excellent then we’re gonna have each one and that’s gonna be on the 38 Network and again it’s gonna have a slash 30 so that’s fine so we’ve got 0 Neath 1 dog we don’t want to do anything just yet we’re going to enable static roadways so we’re going to come back to this machine and enable static superhighways from the 172 16 network to the 192 168 Network but for now I’m just going to commit those changes and I’m going to say that shouts you don’t spell the word safe perfect so if we now exit out of here and I’ll do a show interfaces we have our 6400 one and we have our 6r 3800 board as well perfect that’s exactly where we want to end up with the internet machine that’s all we need to do on this internet machine so let’s get along with with the East Reuter and gave that up as well it’s the next thing we need to do now is set up our East Reuter which is going to be able to 172 16 Network so again I’m gonna clone this machine I’m going to call this beep East blufor I’m going to reinitialize the MAC addresses and I’m going to do a full clock got a lot of disk space for all these clones or clean-living them out regularly so there’s our extruder alright let’s move this to the top underneath are hollers these are internet one oh there “theres going” best laid strategies and all that there is so on the east Reuter if we remember rightly we want to have two systems as well so again not abridged we want to have a host simply and this time the 172 was VBox net – but it’s initial zero we want to have on the 64 so we’re gonna have that on the VBox net 0 am I’m gonna have this image in AI mode on the other one VBox net it won’t be 1 it are likely to be 2 that was our 172 Network so I’m gonna disclaim ok let’s just be taken to ensure that V casket net 0 V container net – that’s exactly where we want it it’s the East ruder so we’re going to start that one up as well I still have as you can see here the internet racing so we can ping check between these two in a minute when we get this now just like the last one we expect this to fail because of course I concur initialized its MAC residences so that I would have randomized brand-new Mac domiciles for each zero in each one now the last thing we need is later to clangs going on so this will flunk probably yep so we’ll do exactly the same again and when I prove you slightly different methods no I tell you what let’s do it the standard way you can go in and merely VI the conflict boot file to reset this but the easiest way is to redo this etc’ config scatter boot doctor flaw perpetrate that save that and immediate oops so let’s is looking forward to that to come up and that will have its new interfaces you will recognize it to MAC homes and our East roofer will be ready couple of seconds and we will have our machine looking for no I may forget the warning up they’re looking for no inaccuracies and “were having” knots that’s perfect and I’ve missed I need a password in video tutorial I think it was 13 we spoke how to change the password etc but there’s no need for what we are doing and because we’re gonna tear down these machines afterwards so why don’t I precisely set the hostname provides system announce – list and this is East I’ll call this the East Reuter and is fully committed that why not and I’m going to save it to before I forget so we want to set up the interfaces so set interface this this if you punched invoice it will fill it it set interfaces eath stands for Ethernet and each 0 and these zeros on the dress before network so we’re going to set that up as and I forgot this the last I’m telling you doing the address 64.0 fleck 0 scatter – and a lash 30 I’m going to commit that and I’m gonna save that as well actually and the next one we want to do is go back to this I’m going to set up a 170 2.16 scatter zero speck one this one’s gonna have a slash 16 and I can’t remember now whether I did 0 or 1 for this network so let’s just go into banking the VirtualBox and do predilections go to network and I’m just going to quickly check I had a 0.5 okay that’s fine with a 16 flake and there’s no de hecho there is a DHCP ok so that’s fine yep and it’s a 16 fleck right I just wanted to check that so back in here it’s on the 0 structure that’s absolutely fine and we’re gonna make it 0.1 and that’s fine as well so perpetrate that and save that so that’s its interface is setup hangs it out of now do a show interfaces and there we go so that’s interesting I’ve got two on each 0 because I forgot with this command about five positions up I forgot I was still precarious row so we want to come back to this command and just alteration set to delete commit that come back to that dominate again set interfaces informality one it’s good for you to see the mistakes as well and now I’m going to commit that and save that now when I exists I’m gonna do is show interfaces yeah that’s what we wanted so we’ve got any 0 at 64 and a Neath one on 172 1601 and of course that you loop back so in theory because you can see up now Internet is still running we should be able to ping 64 or 64 more and there it is so they’re payin each others we have access to the Internet or our impostor internet for the purposes of this video that’s exactly what we wanted so east roofer is now set up it’s pinging through and that’s absolutely fine and the one last thing we do want to do is we want to tell it it’s got a default route so it’s default Rooter is going to be on the internet and so we want to say that for default routing transport it off to the 64 address and to do that we’re going to go back into complete your state and in configure we’re gonna say adjusted protocols again you are eligible to reached the tab to finish that position for you we’re going to have a static road and that static superhighway is going to be to everything perfectly everything and it’s next hop is going to be 64 0 0.1 so that’s how you set up a default route through to the 64 system which will resolve things for ourselves and do a commit there and it’s a excellent so that’s the East setup join me again will go and determined the West op we have the East you can see it now I’ve left the east pas and I’ve left the internet rolling now we want the West so again robes and my apologies that this is all a bit repetitive but at least you’re seeing every step of adjusting this up we’re going to call this the West Rooter we’re going to reinitialize again continue full clone continue this will create our fulcrum and hopefully I won’t mess around with attracting it up to the top again the way I did with the last one good done so let’s jostle that up here west rotor cries precisely is not do what I wanted to do today there we go so this one is on the 192 and it’s on the 38 so it’s Network you can only go into settings this direction or click on the network I’m just showing you you can click on the network here you go straight to network settles so it’s gonna be on the legion only and it’s VBox net one because net one is our 38 in fact I should have actually typed that in now VBox net 0v bucks net one VBox net two and three horses net three okay so it’s gonna be on V casket net one we might as well have to deny on this as well and it’s second adapter is gonna be on the box knit three rejected okay so B chest net one Reeboks net three the East Rooter is on zero and two so that’s on the 64 the one 172 and the Internet should be on zero and one which is 64 and 38 perfect so the West let’s get the west up and running same again it will probably fail because it’s coming from a clone of our standard I’m hoping I reinitialize did I reinitialize the MAC addresses will shortly no because if it’s if it says that it didn’t disappoint I’ll really have to redo those steps again it failed that’s fine so I did retain to do it so be my OS b yl s in to configure load the standard commit that save that exists and reboot okay so this should now come up clean again and we can situated it IP addresses on there okay it’s gonna have a 38 time remind ourselves it’s gonna have a 38 and a 192 machine okay so we now have three virtual boxes as I said we will have three machines so if you – we my less show interfaces there they are chew 0f1 excellent I’m going to go into configure what the fuck is will specify the system host name and we will call this West Rooter I’m going to reboot all of these in a minute so that we can see that we can ping between them and we’re going to set up the static directions on the internet to make it seem like it’s the internet Rooter and fill its legion figure was adjusted I’m going to commit that why not to say that we’re going to set the interfaces up so sex interfaces Ethernet eat zero its address is going to be on the 38 network and we’ve already used one so we’re going to use two and a flog 30 part okay um commit that why not I locked up the last time on that one so I’m not going to do it this time this is gonna be on the 192 scatter 168 so it’s our class c network one light was because it’s the brooder and it’s gonna have a 24 concealment on there we’re gonna devote that and now we need to set up some routing on this particular ruler so we’re going to set etiquettes it’s going to have a default superhighway to go to it’s 38 Network so we’re gonna say static street with a flog zero so everything is going to go for a next hop off to 3800 fleck what that’s where it’s gonna run so it’s going to go to the west side of the internet and we’ll save that and hangs it out of here we should be able to ping and we are so there we go so we’re able to ping from this router to it’s 38 area can we ping 264 scatter 0 speck 0 scatter 1 the other side the east side of the router and we can because the roofer knows that both interfaces are on this machine here knows it’s got a 64 and a 38 address so we’re able to get through that’s excellent and I’m gonna reboot this and I’m going to reboot the other two creeks and come back and join me so that we can do some pinging really between the rooters then we’re gonna come our DSL outs now up and running as well

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