SmartDNS vs VPN vs proxies | What, why, how & when

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SmartDNS is the feature allowing you to use VPN on devices that usually can’t do that. But what is SmartDNS, how is it different from VPNs and proxies, and what are the pros and cons of using this tool for streaming? All these answers – in the video!

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00:00 Intro

00:48 What is SmartDNS?
00:58 How does SmartDNS work?
1:58 Where can you use SmartDNS feature?
2:31 What are the differences between SmartDNS, VPNs and Proxies?

4:06 Which libraries unblocks NordVPN SmartDNS feature?
4:46 Can SmartDNS feature unblock every content?

SmartDNS lets you access geo blocked websites without a drop in internet speeds. It may sound like SmartDNS is similar to VPNs and proxies, but the way they work and what they do is actually quite different. SmartDNS doesn’t change your IP address for the server you’re contacting, and it generally works best for geo-unblocking on the web. Meanwhile, a proxy can be set up on various apps, including, your browser, torrent client, you name it.

VPNs take things a step further by encrypting your traffic using complex algorithms as well as sending all of it – regardless of which app you’re using – through one or more extra servers. This is a really solid tool for protecting you online.

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