Share Phone VPN to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo | No root

Hi everyone I know what you arelooking for exactly And that’s what Im gonnagive you in this tutorial exactly with some clicks And some numerals You can simply shareyour telephone VPN To any consolethat you have No root needed No need to useWi-Fi hotspot Or any other cable That’s what you wantright? Let’s get into it[ Low bit music] But there is oneimportant tip You can’t share any VPNto a console that you like Because some VPNs Doesn’t allow the userto share them Through their phoneor through proxies So what I recommend you To check the VPNsthat I mentioned In the comments below And use a VPNthat supports sharing For instance the onethat Im gonna use In this tutorial Supporters sharingthrough Proxy I don’t have any issue But if you’re usingsome free VPNs or some VPNs That they doesn’t let youto share them It will not work Step 1 Connect your phoneto Wi-Fi router If you are usingSIM card connection On your phone like 3Gor 4G attachment I’ll interpret about it atthe end of the video But firstly Im gonnaexplain For the one that they areusing Wi-Fi on their telephone I connected my phoneto this router Also make sure That your phone isn’tconnected to any VPNs yet Step 2 Connect your consoleto the same router You can connect itby LAN cable Or Wi-Fi Both of themwill work Step 3 Check your console andphone gateway To check your consoleGateway You need to go tothe connection fits In PS4 it’ s in networksettings You can find it inother consoles as well for example you cansee my PS4 Gateway Is For the phone gateway You need to go tothe Wi-Fi lays And check theinformation For example hereyou can see In my phone The gateway isthe same as the PS4 Because they are connectedto the same router Step 4 Let’s get through[ Every proxy] App trains Open every agent applicationon your phone Tap on 3 flecks on top right And go to the puts Choose the IP addresswhich is using the gateway Here I choose1 Because it’s the samegateway As I’m use forthe console And for the phone I elected themfor both HTTP and SOCKS agents So this highway you canshare VPN Through agents toyour router And than employ iton your console Too make sure touse different port For SOCKS proxyand HTTPS For example for HTTP I preferred 8080 And for SOCKS proxy I elected 1080 Go back toapplication menu And turn HTTP/ S proxy on Than go to your console Which could be a PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo And select manual puts For the connection Than select automaticor default option For all of the arranges But select help or manualfor proxy provides Now you need to enterHost IP and port Which we had inproxy application Than evaluation internet connectionto see it’s fine If you enabled any VPN Turn it off and tryto evaluation without VPN Because some VPNsdoesn’t share the connection So when you are originated sure it’sworking without VPN Go to your VPN application Merely some good VPNssupport sharing Which I mentioned themin the comments Because this video isn’tsponsored by any of them For illustration this one If I go to settingsthere is an option And if I enable MulticastDiscovery Support I can share it withother applications Now I connect toParis server And exam internet again To make sure thatit’s working As you can see connectionis successful So let’s go to thenext pace To make sure that the VPNis affected on console You can go to a browser If your console doesn’thave a browser It’s OK you can test iton a game But on PS4 for exampleI have browser And I can search forwhere is my orientation? It goes to show your locationbased on your IP address You can see it’sshowing Paris But if I precisely turnthe VPN off And then try again andreload the page It pictures New York city and you can understand That your IP changedto default So if it shows yourcurrent location You’re not connected tothe VPN If I connect it againfor example To London And “ve been trying to” reloadthe sheet again It proves I’m inGreater London Which implies it’susing VPN right now You can also test it By searching forIP address But here’s some importantquestions and reactions And tips-off What’s the different betweenHTTP/ S or SOCKS proxy The main different isHTTP Only works withweb pages And some applicationslike YouTube And other works But it might not workwith all of your sports But the SOCKS proxy Can work with anyapplication Any traffic that yousend through that It doesn’t matterif it’s a game Or web application Or anything else It can support anytraffic Without any limit So should you useHTTP or SOCKS proxy Unfortunately on PlayStation It doesn’t support SOCKSproxy So you need to use HTTP But I don’t know aboutXbox or Nintendo If they patronize SOCKSproxies Of trend you shoulduse SOCKS agents They’re better and theywill affect on your recreations If after connecting the VPN Your connection onany console fails Make sure that you’reusing a VPN Which substantiates sharing For instance the VPNs thatI did mention them Notes below And also in the description If your alliance failseven without VPN You need to make surethat both console And telephone are connectedto the same router What if you’re using SIM card 3G, 4G, or 5Gconnection on your phone? It’s so simple All you need to do is toturn on your mobile hotspot on your phone Than connect your consoleto the hotspot Than search for thegateway on your console And do the rest ofthe things Like we did atthe beginning But I said HTTP and HTTPS Doesn’t effect on gamesright? Yes, that’s right And it represents when youuse HTTP It merely aftermath on web pages But not your tournaments Is there any wayto fix it? And the answer isagain YES There are actually2 ways to fix it The first path is toroot your telephone Which is for anothertutorial Because with a rootedandroid telephone You can simplyshare VPN Without any issue , no needto use any agents But if you don’t want toroot your phone And I don’t recommend it also I recommend you toshare VPN From PC or laptop If you have any onyour mansion Because with PCor Laptop You can simply shareany( not any) VPN To any console( yes any) that “youve had” And if you’re wonderinghow to make love I did make anothertutorial for you How to share VPN fromPC or Laptop Or your router toany console that you have So if you have onego ahead and check it out Link is also in thedescription below thank you so muchfor watching

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