RV320 and RV325 SSL VPN Client Configuration

hello and welcome to Cisco small business video on requirement I’m going to demonstrate how to configure SSL VPN client on the cisco small business RV 320+ RV 325 the RV 320 successions routers are easy to configure supplying a lock tie-in supplementing emergence mobility and collaboration to your business after you log into the router click on setup firstly you’ll need to change your LAN IP address to static scroll down to the when setting table hand-picked the LAN port you wish to modify and click Edit for LAN connection type choose static IP then click Save here you’ll need to enter your public IP address settles provided by your internet service provider you after you saved your establishes click on firewall click on the sslvpn checkbox and Nabal and then click Save sslvpn then click on group management here you have the option to create your own user group or use a default for this demonstration I’m going to use mobile user first you’ll need to enable the group and then you may select the resources you wish your useds providing access to after you’ve saved your lays click on boosted adjusting here you’ll have three alternatives to change your service port for this demonstration I’m going to use port 10 443 under the banner you can put your business name and the resource name for consumers when they login for this demonstration I’m going to use ABC company and the resource name is VPN after you save your installs click on user management then click on add and recruit the username and password for your end-user next you need to assign the user to a group for this demonstration we’re consuming portable consumer and then click Save now we are ready to log in to the SSL VPN from a remote PC open your web browser and nature in HTTP colon forward reduction forward slash the public address of the router: 1 0 443 and then hit enter you will then be at the login sheet and login with your brand-new customer and password and then click login notice up at the top you will see the banner welcome user name company name and resource name under work you’ll have the internal works specified in the resource group if you click on the web service this will allow you to enter the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to connect to if you click on terminal employment these are the terminal works that are available from the resource management next click on my desktop now you can provide users with remote desktop or B and C if you click on RDP 5 you can enter the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to connect to next click on virtual passage this allows sanctioned consumers to obtain an IP address and has become one of the internal network that concludes this demo of how to set up SSL VPN on an RV 320 router here is a list of more Cisco small business machines that may also dres your business needs for more information call www.subscriptorium.com you

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