ProtonVPN review: Good enough in 2020? FREE or Premium? +LIVE SHOWCASE

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It’s secure. It’s private. But can it do all the other things you need a VPN to do? On top of that, ProtonVPN has 4 different packages, which makes it complicated to figure out which plan suits your needs best.

Watch my full ProtonVPN review, where I’ll also do a live showcase of the app so you can see how it looks, show you what the settings do, etc.

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0:21 Where is ProtonVPN based?
1:39 Privacy features reviewed
1:58 Does ProtonVPN keep logs?
2:28 Is ProtonVPN safe?
2:40 Security features: LIVE Showcase
3:42 ProtonVPN’s speed test results
3:59 Can ProtonVPN unblock Netflix?
4:34 Does ProtonVPN allow torrenting?
4:59 Showcase of apps
5:59 Does ProtonVPN have live chat support?
6:25 ProtonVPN pricing
6:49 Is ProtonVPN free when it comes to free plan?
7:43 Bottom line
7:54 ProtonVPN packages compared

**Is ProtonVPN secure enough?**

ProtonVPN’s privacy policy is straightforward: they keep no logs and don’t track user activity. They only store the timestamp of your last session, and that’s erased when you log in again.

To prove their security, ProtonVPN was independently audited by security experts SEC Consult. The results were great: only 11 minor vulnerabilities were detected across all apps, and practically, these are impossible to use for malicious purposes.

There are a bunch of additional security features, like a kill switch. You can also pick from three highly secure tunnelling protocols and decide how the Auto-connect feature behaves. ProtonVPN also has built-in Tor support.

**Does ProtonVPN unblock Netflix?**

On the ProtonVPN server list there are specific servers in the US and UK marked with the letter P, for unblocking Netflix. I tried streaming Netflix via these servers. Although loading time took a little longer than usual, I unblocked the US and UK libraries.

HOWEVER, the marked servers are only available on the Plus and Visionary desktop apps. The mobile apps don’t have them at all.

**Is ProtonVPN safe when it comes to the free version?**

The ProtonVPN free package is my absolute favourite free VPN, because the built-in security and privacy basics are very strong.

In other ways, it’s really limited, though: you can only access servers in three countries, use it on one device, and speeds are mediocre.

**What about ProtonVPN Basic plan?**

You may like the Basic package if you don’t want any extra features. Speeds are higher than on the free version, you have access to the full server list and you can torrent, but you can still only use it on two devices, and don’t get any extra features.

**ProtonVPN Plus package: Good but expensive?**

With the Plus package, you get all the Basic package perks, plus 3 more devices and the full range of features. This is a decent VPN, but it’s expensive.

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