ProtonVPN FREE review 2021 | Is it any good??

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Free VPNs are often a malware, a scam… trying to sell you something… or frustratingly limited. So, what about ProtonVPN? Is it worth your time, or is it just another useless free service that’s trying to get you to pay for a premium plan? In this ProtonVPN free review, I’m gonna investigate both the positive aspects of this service, and its limitations. You’ll find out if ProtonVPN is a good choice when you’re looking for an effective free VPN.

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Is ProtonVPN Free fast enough?
1:22 How does ProtonVPN Free speed compare with it’s premium plans?
1:43 How big is the ProtonVPN Free server pool?
2:16 Is the free version of ProtonVPN safe enough?
3:06 Which security features does ProtonVPN Free offer?
3:48 Can ProtonVPN Free ensure a strict no-log policy?
5:07 Does ProtonVPN Free support streaming?
5:33 Can you use ProtonVPN Free for torrenting?
5:50 How good is the ProtonVPN free customer service?
6:15 Should you consider a premium ProtonVPN plan?
7:17 ProtonVPN Free: Final thoughts

ProtonVPN free performance:

Is ProtonVPN free fast enough? When I tested it, it always took quite a bit to connect… but once connected, speeds actually are decent. I found that ProtonVPN free download speeds were somewhere around half of my original internet speeds. I could load websites quickly and even watched 1080p videos on Youtube without buffering.

ProtonVPN free security:
I’m glad to report that ProtonVPN free has all the same, top quality security groundwork as the paid plans. It uses the advanced AES 256-bit encryption method, which is considered the gold standard of encryption in 2021. There aren’t a lot of tunnelling protocols to pick from, but the ones which are available are currently the fastest and most secure on the market. WireGuard is even available in beta, it’s a new tunnelling protocol that’s faster and more secure than most others, and many VPNs don’t have it yet.

So – is ProtonVPN the best free VPN? If you just wanna use it for the basics, such as browsing, sending emails, work and online shopping, it’s a solid choice. However, all the fun, high performance and advanced features are kept behind the paywall. It’s pretty limited.

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