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ProtonVPN claims to deliver a VPN experience that is secure, doesn’t put any limits on bandwidth or data transfers, and provides a user-friendly environment. Let’s find out if this is true in our ProtonVPN 2022 review. I’ll try to cover everything in this in-depth review of ProtonVPN. You will learn everything you need about its pros and cons, I’ll make sure of that!

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – How secure is ProtonVPN?
1:07 – What are some of the security features that ProtonVPN offers?
2:58 – What devices are supported with ProtonVPN?
3:11 – Is ProtonVPN a good option for torrenting?
3:47 – Does this VPN work in countries with restricted internet access?
4:17 – Does ProtonVPN offer the same features for all the supported devices?
4:45 – How can I contact the Customer Service of ProtonVPN?
5:16 – Is ProtonVPN good for streaming?
5:39 – How does ProtonVPN take care of your data?
6:23 – Is ProtonVPN really free and safe?


Alright, first thing first – when it comes to encryption, ProtonVPN utilizes either AES-256 or ChaCha 20. Both these encryption standards are considered physically unbreakable. This is the reason why most modern banks, militaries and cybersecurity experts use them. But this is important – although the ProtonVPN is a strong contender in the “Best Free VPN” race, the Tor Over VPN and Secure Core features are only available for the users of these plans. So, if you’re wondering “is ProtonVPN free?” The answer is yes but not entirely.

ProtonVPN is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The country has no data retention laws, making this VPN one of the most privacy-friendly, which is a great thing for serious VPN users.

The company highlights security, ethics, and transparency as their strongest suites. In line with this, In 2020 ProtonVPN announced that their apps are now open-source and audited.
Personally, I value this kind of transparency a lot, this shows the good intentions of the company more than anything.


Well, not everything is perfect about ProtonVPN – so let me discuss some notable Cons of this service as well. So, the first major drawback is the lack of torrenting support. Even though you can use torrents it is not available on all servers. It will only work if you’re using designated P2P locations. And not only that, it is only available as a paid feature. There are P2P servers in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. So, if you’re outside these regions, you won’t be able to get good P2P speeds. So, is ProtonVPN good for torrenting? Probably not!

It’s compatible with a variety of devices but some have fewer features: For example, the ProtonVPN 2022 Mac and iOS versions don’t offer split tunneling. On Linux it won’t let you use WireGuard or IKEv2 / IPsec protocols.

Next up, we are going to discuss the chat support in our ProtonVPN review. 2022 is going to be all about pleasing customers and unfortunately, this VPN is lagging behind in the department. There is no live chat option or contact number on the website. However, users can access a knowledge base section, which provides solutions to some common problems.

This is one of the most important things in our review of Proton VPN. Netflix and similar services buffers at times. As a solution you can try the VPN Accelerator feature for OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, but long-distance can still cause a lot of buffering. So, while using ProtonVPN, Netflix France in particular and other libraries in general may not work smoothly.

Let’s talk about some privacy now. Is ProtonVPN safe? Does ProtonVPN keep logs? Well, I’ll give some details and let you decide.

This service does keep some of your personal information like email address, support tickets, payment details including your name and the last four digits of your credit card, and a timestamp. Having said that, you can ask the staff to remove it.

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