PrivateVPN VS ProtonVPN 2021 | 2 best VPNs for beginners?

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In this ProtonVPN vs. PrivateVPN review I’m gonna give you a thorough, detailed comparison of these services and their pros and cons. It’s gonna help you figure out which service and even which plan will work best for you.

PrivateVPN has been our go-to choice for beginners: it is easy to use, it’s cheap and it’s extremely functional. ProtonVPN, however, seems to fit into the same category, since it has a free version and comparable performance.

On one hand, you have one of the industry’s most solid VPN services… and it’s pretty cheap. On the other hand, you have a VPN from the same team that brought us ProtonMail… The same team is facing a data sharing scandal. They promised that it doesn’t affect their VPN though and after all ProtonVPN has a sweet free version. So – should you pay for PrivateVPN or stick with the free ProtonVPN plan… or possibly even go with the paid plan?

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00:00 Intro

1:05 PrivateVPN VS ProtonVPN: which service is faster?
2:14 Which service has better security features: ProtonVPN or PrivateVPN?
3:01 Where these VPNs are based?
3:59 ProtonVPN VS PrivateVPN – which one is the winner at streaming?
4:28 Do both of these services support torrenting?
5:02 Which service has a better customer support – PrivateVPN or ProtonVPN?
5:54 Best value for money: ProtonVPN VS PrivateVPN
7:15 Overview: which VPN should you choose – PrivateVPN or ProtonVPN?

At the end of the day, ProtonVPN’s free version falls flat due to one major reason – it’s very limited, while the paid version offers more, but still less affordable than PrivateVPN. Furthermore, PrivateVPN seems to win other categories as well, so if you are looking for an overall better VPN – get it. However, ProtonVPN is still a good free option you might try.

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