PIA VPN vs PrivateVPN 2021 | 2 very different VPNs for different users?

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Guys, in this video I’m comparing two great services that are not as much advertised as some of the other market leaders. PIA VPN vs PrivateVPN might seem as a simple comparison at first glance as PIA now has WireGuard and over 35,000 servers, while PrivateVPN still uses OpenVPN and doesn’t have that many servers at all. And yet, there is more to this comparison that you might think – PrivateVPN and PIA excel at different things.

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00:00 Intro

1:03 Where PrivateVPN is based?
1:12 Where Private Internet Access VPN is based?
1:57 Does PrivateVPN have no-logs policy?
2:17 What ownes PIA VPN?
2:44 Which VPN is more privacy friendly: PIA or PrivateVPN?
2:50 Private Internet Access VPN or PrivateVPN: which one is more secure?
3:53 Which VPN has a better performance: PrivateVPN or PIA?
4:43 PIA or PrivateVPN – which one to choose for streaming?
5:22 Why should you choose Private Internet Access VPN for torrenting?
6:18 Does PrivateVPN have browser extensions?
7:09 Can you use PIA in China?
8:15 Does PrivateVPN have a free trial?
8:50 Overview: PIA ir PrivateVPN – which one to choose?

PIA might be a faster service, but there’s a lot invested into security and performance on PrivateVPN’s side. If you are an avid streamer, PrivateVPN will suit you better, but torrenting fans better stick to PIA. There is more to their functions and benefits tho, so make sure to watch the full video.

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