Open VPN BRIDGED mode HOWTO Part 2

well beings now we are again we are currently in fraction 2 of this video seminar for YouTube on setting up OpenVPN in breeched state with dynamic dns servers running on the same machine first we’re going to go through the steps of setting up i SC vind and DHCP servers us to be able to do some configuration nips so that we can use them with OpenVPN firstly the DHCP server configuration file you can see this class definition is a very important stage of the configuration there is an Open VPN class defined which gives us the chance to have addresses beginning with 0 0 FF which will do the trick when some client squandering the VPN connects it will get an address of a specified range that we will define below as you can see this is a very regular configuration file we have dynamic DNS addresses you have to set this up the domain name and the reverse domain name this is the key component or to dynamic DNS setup you have here the mention of the key that will be updating bind areas the algorithm and the key don’t employment this this is a fake key I’ve spawned for this tutorial now you have the definitions of the zones that will be updated by the DHCP update key you have dgh VoIP that LAN the primary appoint server for this zone which in my bag is hosted on this same machine so I have the loopback interface address you have here the reverse zone because we want to look at Pro we use the reverse zone this is the definition the key that will be updated and the server where the word server is being hosted a second definition which will be your main DHCP server subnet definition I here certified the name again the reverse domain name and the DNS domain name this is a very cool thing I get to experienced them I get I must find on the web this is some cata nating name DHCP to the least address that DHCP will be issuing to connecting buyers so whenever a patron not on the compas of our VPN clients connects he or she will get DHCP bash least address fleck and concatenated domain name which is very cool because that looks a lot like an ISP kind of setup then “were having” some interpretations the domain name the domain name servers such is our regular configurations for DHCP server here “were having” this pond description here is where the occult of this setup begins “were having” this first fund with the naree members of the openvpn class so any one connecting with a MAC address starting with 0 0: FF will not get one address of this specified range none Open VPN consumers will get addresses straying from five to the to the IP address this second pool definition will give us another cool thing because it will allow members of the Open VPN class and will be published by them addresses within the limits of 50 to 99 so this really is our consumers which will be connecting and they will get an address on that range and likewise they will get a BP n plus the least address host name we are going to watch that in a second so now we are going to watch the bind configuration here is the part that I was telling you about where you can you must have the key explanation for DHCP update the algorithm and the secret key they have controls the options now we have some important things that you have to look at and this is the somes that we are going to be updating with our DHCP dynamic DNS setup you have DGH VoIP Dublin that domain that I am consuming the type which is master there file where it’s unearthed and which key is allowed to update this region which in this case is DHCP update are here we have the reverse region which will be updated likewise by the DHCP update folder and it’s a similar definition to the war zone this is the kind of thing that you want to issue when you are working with reverse zones you can omit it if you want that I preferably use it we are going to go through the same files where you will see how this works this is the file of the zone you can see that it is updating the reverberates because now you can see the HCP and the address that was list to this specific computer also we have another client that connected and all that an address issued and now “were having” some regular definitions of localhost the email server for my system these are the Alliance this buyer was issued the 98 address and also has the VPN word in front of its address this is showing us that dynamic revise ah the same registers is working so you have to be very careful with permissions and all of that you can go to TLD PE that or IG page and seizure a transcript of the dns how to you will get a terribly really nice tutorial on how to set up buying regions I just assume that you know how to do this so I’m not gonna go into the turn of setting up DNS server or DHCP server you know that this is being updated because this serial now gets to change every time a purchaser revises this area now we are going to see if reverse stitch updating is working oh yeah it is working what do we have here Clara married is glad it’s a cursor he or she is getting this is a road warrior client for my VPN and they are getting their address that is the supernatural thing now because we have two clients and they are connecting they are getting their residences and they are getting their whole call likewise you know that this file is being uploaded because this serial will change every time they get an address you might be wondering how in the world countries do I know that my server is doing dynamic informs I’ve made a simple tail to the themes enter and I look for included and look what I got added brand-new for warm up for this client to this address and the committee is also added a switch map from these address to this client this is a awfully trustworthy method to be recognised that your dynamic DNS setup is working another thing that you can do is just to dig the zone and you get these clients the definitions of the clients on your clang datum this is what large-hearted told you so dynamic DNS is working it’s always a good opinion to double check on things if you want to double check that the client is who it says it is and if it’s reachable simply being the word you get from delving your some datum or from your senses log if you get a response there you have it client is reachable this is a VPN client you witness the responses so dynamic DNS and communication between server and the client is working

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