Norton Secure VPN – Installation Walk-through & Review | by @SolutionsReview

Hello and welcome to this Answer ReviewsDemonstration. Continuing our sequences on Virtual Private Networksoftware, today well look at Norton Secure VPN. But if youd like to learn more about thiscategory, please visit our directory page at VPN. Launched in April of 2019 as a subsidiaryof respected insurance firebrand NortonLifeLock( formerly Symantec ), Norton Secure VPN offerssevers in 30 countries. The service is protected with self-describedbank grade encryption, the OpenVPN protocol on Windows, Android, and macOS devices, whereasthe dedicated iOS client uses the L2TP/ IPSec protocol.Despite being headquartered in the US , notknown for its privacy-friendlessness, Secure VPN still maintains a no-logging policy forits members. But unfortunately, Norton Secure VPN doesntallow P2P congestion, or geospoofing on any of its servers. It does however come wrap with the award-winningNorton 360 Security suite for only $40/ year manufacturing it a potentially more well-roundedsolution for useds. Lets start our installation walkthroughby clicking the affiliate tie in the description. Click Subscribe Now for Norton 360, then adopt check out, input your payment info, and Place Order. After your dictate is processed, you can log-into your chronicle and download the application. As youll be installing the entire Norton3 60 concoction, and not only a VPN, the procedure may take a few minutes but simply followthe few on-screen elicits, and formerly the program is loaded, sound Turn On next to SecureVPN and youre good to go.The Norton Secure VPN stage supplies bankgrade encryption, allows you to browse anonymously, utters access on the go, and even blocks unwantedtracking technologies in online ads. You can sign-up today by clicking our affiliatelink below, or see our VPN directory to check out another VPN provider. For Solutions Review, Im Jonathan Paula. Thanks for watching ..

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