NordVPN vs TorGuard 2021 🔥 Which one is actually better? COMPLETE comparison

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Both NordVPN and TorGuard VPN have made a place for themselves in top ten lists on tech and cyber security websites. So, is TorGuard a truly good VPN? Is NordVPN safe? Is one of these services better than the other? Find out in the video, guys!

00:00 Intro
1:30 Which VPN is faster: NordVPN VS TorGuard?
2:50 NordVPN vs TorGuard: security features
3:12 Where NordVPN is based?
3:35 Does a TorGuard VPN have no-logs policy?
4:05 Is NordVPN safe after they were hacked?
4:40 Is TorGuard a good VPN for streaming?
4:35 NordVPN for Netflix
6:12 NordVPN VS TorGuard – which one is the best for torrenting?
7:35 Does TorGueard have recommended servers for users?
9:00 Which VPN to use in China: NordVPN or TorGuard?

Both NordVPN and TorGuard have armies of fans who will swear that one service is a no-brainer while the other is fit only for the recycling bin. Let’s keep it simple, guys. For streaming, simplicity, and 24/7 customer support, I recommend NordVPN. But for apps that you can really tweak and fine tune, you should opt for TorGuard.

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