NordVPN vs Surfshark | Security & Privacy VPN comparison

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Guys, when two services are leaders in the industry, it takes extra time and research to figure out which one really is the best. This is so true for NordVPN vs. Surfshark. They have extensive sets of security features; how do these compare? Has either been audited to prove its commitment to its claims? Which one should you pick? In this in-depth NordVPN vs. Surfshark 2021 comparison, I’ll focus on the privacy and security of these services, look at their main differences … and ultimately see if it’s possible to pick a winner.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 What encryption protocols do VPNs use?
1:47 Does NordVPN or Surfshark offer RAM-only servers?
2:03 NordVPN vs Surfshark: Do they offer a Kill switch?
2:27 Which provider has more security features?
3:14 Dark Web Monitor vs Surfshark Alert
3:59 Is there a GPS spoofing feature available?
4:23 Which VPN offers more security?
5:06 Where are the VPN providers located?
5:56 NordVPN vs Surfshark: can a strict no-logs policy be ensured?
6:56 Has NordVPN or Surfshark been audited before?
7:51 Can you make a purchase using Cryptocurrency?
8:02 Which VPN can bring more privacy?


Looking at Surfshark VPN vs. NordVPN security, it’s clear that both services offer way more features than the average VPN. For encryption, both NordVPN and Surfshark use the military grade AES 256-bit method, which is unbreakable and employed around the globe for cybersecurity. Both services have moved to RAM-only servers. These are highly secure because nobody can physically tamper with or remove information from them.
There’s an unusually large range of extra security features to look at in this VPN comparison. Both services let you connect to two servers at once. This adds a whole extra layer of security to your online sessions. NordVPN also has the Onion Over feature, which seamlessly integrates the VPN with Tor, while Surfshark lacks Tor integration. They have selected servers with obfuscation which keeps the VPN traffic hidden. Surfshark also has the NoBorders mode which helps to bypass any type of firewall.


To earn the title of best VPN, these services need to be ultra-private and handle our data with respect. A VPN’s jurisdiction is crucial because the privacy laws in that location will help to determine a VPN’s privacy policy. NordVPN is based in Panama, which has no data retention laws and isn’t a part of any major intelligence alliances. Surfshark has recently moved one of their legal entities from the British Virgin Islands to the Netherlands. Traditionally, this is a great location for privacy, and many privacy-focused enterprises are based here. However, despite the fact that the Netherlands is a part of the 14 eyes intelligence sharing alliance, it’s not a privacy issue. Simply because Surfshark’s jurisdiction still stays on the British Virgin Islands. Both these services have strong privacy, so once again this VPN comparison is a close call…


So, Surfshark vs. NordVPN, do we have a clear winner?
At the end of the day, NordVPN’s privacy policy has been audited twice, it’s in a slightly better jurisdiction, and it has a bug bounty program. I’d say it has the edge when it comes to privacy. NordVPN can be used with Tor so this could be a valuable way to boost security at the cost of your speed. And if you use Linux, you’ll appreciate the Linux kill switch. Surfshark has an incognito browser and antivirus software for a small extra fee, so if you don’t already have solutions for these, Surfshark may be just what you’re looking for. Also, if you often change your location virtually, the GPS spoofer will come in handy.

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