NordVPN vs Private Internet Access (PIA): Is there a difference?

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Both NordVPN and PIA are extremely popular, both have lots of servers and good reviews. When it comes to quality, though, the battle of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access has one clear winner.

In this video, I’m comparing all the most important features of PIA vs NordVPN to get to the bottom of this.
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0:45 Privacy and security features compared
2:17 Private Internet Access vs NordVPN: Jurisdiction compared
3:03 Speed test: NordVPN vs PIA
3:32 Which VPN is better for streaming & torrenting?
4:32 NordVPN vs PIA: Apps & interface compared
5:25 Censorship
6:03 Which VPN offers a better price?

* Privacy & Security*

As top VPNs, both NordVPN and PIA boast great security features. They both use military grade encryption and support the latest tunnelling protocols on all major platforms. Both own their own DNS servers, and both provide a free SOCKS5 proxy.
From here on, though, things start to differ. While NordVPN only offers one choice of encryption cipher, PIA lets you switch to a slightly less secure encryption method. Besides that, PIA only offers a beta implementation of WireGuard, but NordVPN already has it fully implemented as the proprietary protocol NordLynx.
NordVPN is based in Panama, where privacy is an important part of the country’s appeal. PIA, on the other hand, is based in the USA, where privacy is not as highly respected. Both have kill switches which shut your internet off if the VPN crashes, and both offer anonymous payment methods.


The way a VPN affects your internet speeds is crucial, and it turns out that NordVPN just is faster. This is partly thanks to the NordLynx protocol, and partly because NordVPN boasts a massive server count of more than 5200 servers in over 60 countries. While Private Internet Access offers over 3000 servers in 48 countries. This round of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access also goes to NordVPN.

*Streaming and torrenting*

Both contenders are great choices for torrenting. They have that free SOCK5 proxy, and again, PIA offers split tunnelling. However, NordVPN has faster torrenting speeds. It even has dedicated, optimised torrenting servers.
When it comes to streaming, NordVPN is often considered the world’s top performer. You can even use it for streaming on your smart TV. On the other hand, PIA does still unblock the US and Netherlands Netflix libraries.

*Apps and interface*

Both these VPNs have apps for all the major device types. Plus some smart TV options for NordVPN. There are browser extensions, with one extra for PIA. And then manual setup on other devices – Nord has more options here.
You can use NordVPN on 6 devices at once, while you can use PIA on up to 10.
NordVPN offers a highly informed, 24/7 live chat support, but PIA’s live chat option unfortunately isn’t available 24/7.


In this round PIA has the edge over NordVPN, at least when it comes to short-term subscriptions. Even the three-year subscription to NordVPN is still a few cents more expensive than the one-year PIA plan. PIA is simply the better budget option.

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