NordVPN vs IPVanish review | Which VPN is a better choice for YOU?

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IPVanish is an affordable, fast and secure VPN provider, but does it have what it takes to bring down NordVPN in a one-on-one comparison? This is exactly what I will find out, by comparing every feature, element and facts in this NordVPN vs IPVanish review. I will even include a live speed test to make it fair.

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=== Security: ===

First point of interest to this NordVPN vs IPVanish comparison is Security. And to establish the strongest security from the beginning, encryption is involved. In that regard, there’s not much difference in IPVanish vs Nord – both have similar tunneling protocols with identical encryption methods.

After testing all the protocols for a while, I can conclude that there are no DNS or IP leaks to worry about, but there are more factors to consider as well. A presence of a Kill switch is critical – it will ensure no data is leaked on connection break, and both VPNs have it. Unfortunately, while NordVPN has it on all devices, IPVanish doesn’t offer a kill switch on iOS. Additional security features also deserve your attention, and personally I want to highlight NordVPN’s CyberSec and specialized servers.

=== Privacy: ===

Still, the situation may turn around after the Privacy comparison of this NordVPN vs IPVanish review. It matters a lot from which jurisdiction VPNs operate, we don’t really want the government messing with it, right?

In NordVPN’s case, Panama has no data retention laws, so NordVPN is safe from governmental influence, which coincides with the service’s no-logs policy. IPVanish is less lucky. USA’s jurisdiction is far from optimal and being a part of 5-eyes alliance, it’s definitely not privacy friendly. What’s worse, IPVanish itself was caught logging user data in 2018.

That said, I can confirm that since then IPVanish was acquired by another company that favorably modified its no-logs policy. IPVanish even passed an independent audit just this year.

=== Performance: ===

What’s not clear is which is better: NordVPN or IPVanish, when we consider only speed and performance. Servers are a huge reason behind performance, just as huge as the difference between Nord vs IPVanish in that regard.

Where NordVPN has over 5300 servers in 60 countries, IPVanish has a little over 2000 in 50 countries. However, IPVanish owns all of their servers and doesn’t rely on third parties. Unfortunately, while that helps in privacy, it doesn’t really help for speed. You can probably compare NordVPN and IPVanish yourself to get similar results. At the end of the day, NordVPN is faster than IPVanish.

=== Streaming: ===

And if you wonder if you’d need these speeds going forward, let me show you how Streaming fits into this NordVPN vs IPVanish review. The best VPNs are supposed to be able to access geo-blocked content, much of which is streaming. Various Netflix libraries, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and such – all of it is accessible with a proper VPN.

I’ve done my tests with NordVPN vs IPvanish VPN, and managed to access all the platforms from this list rather effortlessly when using NordVPN. And the speeds I had were paramount for watching streams in highest quality. IPVanish didn’t stand aside for Netflix, I’ve had a real blast testing IPVanish with Netflix. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for other streaming platforms, I wasn’t able to access them with IPVanish at all… Seems like in NordVPN vs IPVanish streaming comparison, the former grabs the win once again.

=== Conclusion: ===

So, we’ve gone through two of the best VPN. NordVPN vs IPVanish is an interesting comparison, I have to note that IPVanish provides some strong competition and it’s a good service in terms of security, performance and torrenting. NordVPN is just doing better and is clearly the best VPN for streaming as well.

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