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Nowadays, having a fast VPN is a requirement to watch streams online or to play games. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are both famous, but which one is faster? In this NordVPN vs ExpressVPN speed test review, I’ll crack this mystery wide open, showing you performance of both those VPNs on a few different servers.

I considered three locations for the speed test. First – the one chosen automatically with the Smart connect feature of both VPNs. Second and third – US and Japan. They have the best Netflix libraries, you know.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 What locations will be used for the speed test?
1:04 Can NordVPN display great speed results?
1:54 Is ExpresssVPN capable of providing good speeds?
2:38 NordVPN vs ExpressVPN: Which one’s faster?
3:08 Final thoughts

Overall, this ExpressVPN vs NordVPN speed test shows clearly that NordVPN is faster, so it’s unlikely to give you any troubles with streaming or torrenting.
However, ExpressVPN does have more locations – 94 countries to access, while NordVPN has only 60. If you are looking for access to the specific location, it might be better in that case.
But on the server side, NordVPN has over 5000 servers versus ExpressVPN’s 3000 servers.

Which do you like more and what do you think about our new animated character? Let us know in the comments!

Guys, of course speed is not the only factor to decide if one VPN is better than the other, so do yourself a favour a check out my full NordVPN vs ExpressVPN comparison where I go through their security, privacy, streaming, torrenting, app compatibility & other crucial features of VPN.

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