NordVPN vs CyberGhost 2022 | Which brings MORE value for your money?

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NordVPN and CyberGhost are big names in the VPN world, but the latter lost quite a bit of credibility in past years. Is CyberGhost VPN good enough to challenge NordVPN? I will answer this question, comparing NordVPN vs CyberGhost to figure out which is the best VPN for you and I even have a live speed test prepared to cover everything.

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=== Security: ===

When it comes to security though, I will have to compare multiple things. Baseline security in VPNs is always achieved through encryption. NordVPN is employing a ChaCha20 encryption algorithm when using a NordLynx protocol and AES-256 algorithm otherwise. Same can be said about CyberGhost with WireGuard and other protocols. There are no significant differences here. Kill switch is another important security aspect. NordVPN implements it for both internet connection and apps, unlike CyberGhost, which only has an internet kill switch. While that makes NordVPN a bit more secure, is CyberGhost VPN safe in comparison? I would say so, they are pretty similar after all.

Even in advanced security features there are a lot of similarities between CyberGhost vs NordVPN. For instance, they both offer Obfuscation, SOCKS5 proxy and leak protection. However, I think NordVPN offers some very important extras on top of that: Split tunneling is a great feature if you only need a certain app to use VPN connection. Double VPN helps a lot for your security if you are willing to put up with a bit slower speed. Or you could use Tor over VPN for ultimate levels of security.

=== Speed and Performance: ===

However, security is not the only thing important in a VPN.
Speed and performance are just as significant, and servers are the first guarantee of good performance.

This is the first time I see domination of CyberGhost vs NordVPN: with over 8000 servers in 91 countries it overwhelms the opponent. While NordVPN offers over 5300 servers in 60 countries, which is usually a good number, this NordVPN comparison shows that it has something to strive for. But, can this difference be decisive in the speed section of NordVPN vs CyberGhost comparison? Check the video for the live speed test, unfortunately I can’t stream it right into your brain, but let me know if you know how to do it!

=== Streaming: ===

And since I’ve covered performance, it’s about time to look into Streaming. VPNs help with it by breaking through the geo-blocks, those pesky restrictions that prevent you from watching UK Netflix in the US. In my experience, both NordVPN and CyberGhost are notoriously effective at bypassing geo-blocks. I’ve had no issues with accessing various Netflix libraries, and other streaming platforms, be it BBC iPlayer, Disney+ or Hulu. While, obviously, the faster your VPN, the better quality you could afford, there’s no significant difference in NordVPN vs CyberGhost here. My NordVPN Netflix experience was awesome, but the Netflix Cyberghost duo is also solid. It has to be a draw.

=== Pricing: ===

Finally, I want to address value. Specifically, how good is the pricing of each service. NordVPN, for starters, is decent. This pricing is reasonable, compared to some other providers like ExpressVPN, especially long-term. But looking into CyberGhost VPN, review of its prices makes NordVPN look less impressive. CyberGhost’s pricing is one of the lowest on the market right now, and considering that it’s quite varied in features, that’s some good value. On the downside, you can try NordVPN for free using a 7-day free trial, which I can’t say about CyberGhost. After all, the CyberGhost free trial is only 24-hour long on desktops, and 48 hours on mobiles.
Both provide a 30-day money back guarantee though.

0:24 Which VPN has a better reputation?
1:53 NordVPN vs CyberGhost security comparison
3:43 Server infrastructure
4:19 Live speed test: NordVPN vs CyberGhost
5:10 Can you stream with NordVPN and CyberGhost?
5:53 Is there enough torrenting support
6:24 Best value for the price… Which one is it?
7:17 Conclusion

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