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NordVPN is one of the leading VPN providers, and AtlasVPN is a promising newbie that joined the Nord Security family last year. Question is: is it possible to compare NordVPN vs AtlasVPN now? Can a free VPN vs paid VPN comparison end in favor of the former?
This is the question that will be answered through the full, extensive comparison of both providers.

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00:00 Intro
0:41 NordVPN vs Atlas VPN: which one has a better performance?
1:39 Which VPN has better price to value ratio – NordVPN or Atlas VPN?
2:16 Atlas VPN vs NordVPN: Privacy compared
3:06 Which VPN is more secure – NordVPN or AtlasVPN?
4:50 Which VPN you should choose for streaming: Atlas or NordVPN?
5:37 Free or Premium VPN for torrenting – which one is better?
6:07 NordVPN vs AtlasVPN – which one has a better customer support?
6:30 Conclusion: which VPN you should choose in 2022?

=== Speed and Performance: ===

The first two things I want to comment on in this AtlasVPN vs NordVPN comparison are Speed and performance.

Both VPNs use an innovative tunneling protocol. AtlasVPN has WireGuard and NordVPN uses NordLynx, which is based on the WireGuard, but improves on security and performance.

In my speed tests, I’ve noticed a clear difference between AtlasVPN vs NordVPN. While NordVPN connection ended up dropping my speed from 5 to 10%, compared to baseline, AtlasVPN could cause up to 30% speed reduction.

However, my research shows that NordLynx is only part of the cause: AtlasVPN also lacks the wide server grid that NordVPN has – it can offer just about 750 servers in 40 locations, while NordVPN spans over 5,400 servers in 60 countries.

While AtlasVPN does have a good performance worthy of a premium VPN, NordVPN is considerably faster.

=== Privacy ===

Is NordVPN good at it? Spoilers alert, yeah, it is.

Any NordVPN review 2022 will tell you that this VPN is located in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of Panama, and has an independently reviewed no-logs policy. RAM-only servers that can’t retain user data are a nice cherry on top as well.

AtlasVPN, on the contrary, is located in the US, famous for its data retention laws, has not participated in any major audits and can’t offer RAM-only servers.
However, with Nord Security guiding AtlasVPN right now, I can accept this VPNs no-logs policy as trustworthy, yet having more privacy-oriented elements definitely wouldn’t hurt.

=== Security ===

On the security side though, AtlasVPN review shows that this provider does have a couple of trump cards, most of them reserved for the Android app though. Kind of makes sense, for a VPN that started as a mobile-only app.

Data breach monitor is a familiar feature: it detects any data leaks associated with a specific email and lets users know about it.

I’m personally more into Safebrowse – this is a feature for blocking malicious links, phishing attempts and if you are on Windows or iOS – ads as well.

Another feature that is available on all platforms is SafeSwap – a rather unique feature that allows users to rotate between different IP addresses without changing servers.

=== Streaming ===

Practically speaking, in this NordVPN vs AtlasVPN comparison, the former has shown better results so far, but that’s not going to be the case right about now.

Because I’m going to discuss Streaming, and AtlasVPN is just as effective for it, as NordVPN.

Both providers actually have enough speed for high-res streaming, and I had no troubles with accessing any of the mainstream platforms. NordVPN Netflix performance was awesome for me, with AtlasVPN successfully keeping up as well. At least as long as I used the premium AtlasVPN version, the free one doesn’t really work with streaming.

Unfortunately, NordVPN does have a way to brag again, by offering a SmartDNS feature – a way to use a VPN for usually incompatible devices.

On the other hand, while NordVPN can only be used on 6 devices simultaneously, AtlasVPN has no connection limit per account whatsoever.


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