NordVPN speed test review 🔥 What is the actual “fastest” speed??

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Personally, I’m impressed with NordVPN speed tests, but that’s not enough, right? Therefore, in this video, I’m using two tools to test VPN speed: the Ookla speed test and our in-house designed VPNpro speed test – ready to challenge NordVPN! Will it show consistently high speeds or will its promises pop easier than a soap bubble??

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00:00 Intro
1:05 How we ran NordVPN speed test
1:36 My baseline speed (without VPN)
1:59 NordVPN speed test in USA (OpenVPN protocol)
2:06 NordVPN speed test in UK (OpenVPN protocol)
2:23 NordVPN speed test in Netherlands (OpenVPN protocol)
2:37 NordVPN speed tests with NordLynx
2:57 VPNpro speed test tool: Why is it better at determining VPN speeds?
3:29 How VPN speed test tool works
4:23 NordVPN vs Surfshark vs Torguard vs Windscribe: speed tests compared
4:54 Why VPN speed is important?

All things considered, it seems like there is an obvious conclusion to make: NordVPN is indeed fast, fastest if we compare it to the other major contenders. However, Surfshark is still going strong and ExpressVPN seems to try catching up with its Lightway protocol. Perhaps later this year we will see a shift in the meta, but for now it seems that NordVPN remains the fastest VPN provider available on the market.

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