NordVPN Review – Pros, Cons, Live Demonstration and My Overall Recommendation on Nord VPN

Enjoy my IN-DEPTH NordVPN Review. You will find EVERYTHING you need in my review!
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Ok, now regarding server performance, this is impressive. NordVPN has over 5700 servers spread around 60 different countries. Which is a LOT of servers.

Just so you have an idea of Nord’s performance, after testing servers in different countries just to see if they would show any connection issues and how long it would take to connect.

There were NO connection issues, and connection was established in a reasonable time, considering the distance from each country. Always between 1 and 4 seconds.

It even worked in… wait for it… China. Yes, China.

It actually managed to go around the Great Firewall of China!

Almost no VPN service manages to achieve that. It’s important to mention that, because if you are going to a restricted country like China and need a VPN to access websites from your computer once you’re in there, you MUST use it BEFORE travelling.


Now streaming wise, NordVPN will allow you to stream content in HD or even 4K, without ANY buffering.

It’s normal that VPNs will reduce your connection speed a bit. But after running speed tests in different locations while using NordVPN the overall speed and performance was very good.

You’ll be able to stream HD videos and Netflix shows without any resolution loss or buffering.

Nord VPN also offers the SMART PLAY feature which allows you to unblock over 400 websites with geographical restrictions. And after testing this out, it works great! You’ll be able to stream popular sites such as Netflix, HULU and Amazon Prime without any problems.


Then when taking a look at torrenting, Nordvpn has specialized servers just for this. Nord VPN also never limits its bandwidth and it doesn’t interfere in any way with your internet connection to discourage you from using any P2P type service.

And a cool safety feature Nord VPN provides is that if it detects you are using a torrent, it will automatically redirect you to a P2P server so you never have to worry about accidentally torrenting on the wrong type of server.

NordVPN also offers protection against leaks, it has a non-registry policy and other privacy tools which all make Nord ideal for torrenting.


As for security, Nord’s military grade encryption keeps your data protected for whatever you might be doing online such as file sharing, banking, shopping or just randomly web surfing.

One of the cool features it offers is a KILL SWITCH.

The kill switch essentially works by shutting you off the internet if the VPN stops working, which is what makes sure you keep your traffic safe and private.

You can also program the Kill Switch to interrupt only certain chosen programs and apps, in case the VPN were to stop working.

Another cool safety feature is CyberSec. This one blocks ads, pop-ups and DDoS attacks. It also protects you against malware and suspicious websites. It even blocks YouTube ads!

Nord also provides a web proxy, with extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which is light and safe. It has no bandwidth limits and it encrypts and protects all your communication very effectively.

And finally, Onion Over VPN is a special feature from NordVPN that offers all the advantages of Tor, combined with the additional security of a VPN tunnel.

But otherwise, what I really like about Nord VPN is that you get an enormous amount of options for anyone looking for a great all-purpose VPN to use. You get a wide variety of servers which helps ensure great speeds, the apps are all simple and easy to use.

If you’re using NordVPN for Torrenting, it’s as safe and private as you can hope to have from using a VPN.

And you can watch sites like Netlflix, HULU, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, HBO, from anywhere in the world in HD or even 4K without buffering.

Their customer service is efficient, polite and available 24/7 for whatever you need help with, even if you have a more technical problem.

And for the price, it’s easily one of the best when you look at not only the features you get with Nord, but how well all the features actually work.

So to answer the initial question, Is it true? YES, IT IS. Nord VPN is on top of every VPN list because it should be.

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