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If you do a quick search for “best VPN service” online, NordVPN will pop up near the top of almost every list. But have you ever wondered what really makes this VPN take place in top lists? In this NordVPN review, I’ll give you 7 important facts about NordVPN, which might be the answer.

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00:25 How good is NordVPN’s performance?
1:02 Why NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs?
1:38 Can you trust NordVPN’s no-logs policy?
2:02 What is a bug bounty program and how NordVPN uses it?
2:20 Does NordVPN have a free trial?
3:02 Can you have a single Nord account?
3:33 Does NordVPN offer discounts for students?
4:34 How good is NordVPN at accessing geo-blocked content?

Fact 1: NordVPN is the fastest VPN on the market

First of all, NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs on the market today. And that’s mainly because of its proprietary tunneling protocol – NordLynx. As a result, NordVPN 2021 speeds are in a league of their own when compared to other popular VPNs on the market.

Fact 2: Owns RAM-only servers

NordVPN now owns a large number of RAM-only servers, and that makes it more secure than before. These servers cannot store the information passing through them for a prolonged period. As a result, they’re more secure than traditional servers.

Fact 3: Independently Audited

NordVPN’s service and its no-logs policy have been audited by third-party organizations such as PwC Switzerland and VerSprite.

Fact 4: NordVPN has a free trial

The next important fact about NordVPN that you might not be aware of is that NordVPN has a free trial. Thus, you can try out the service for yourself before paying for it. To get the NordVPN free trial, you’ll have to download the NordVPN Android app and create a new account.

Fact 5: Single Account for Nord products

The fifth important fact about NordVPN is that NordVPN and other Nord products share a single account.So if you have a NordVPN account, you can use the same account to subscribe to other Nord apps such as NordPass and NordLocker.

Fact 6: Have discounts for Students and Youth

If you’re a student or an apprentice between the ages of 18 and 26, you’re eligible for a huge discount on NordVPN’s 2-year plan. All you have to do is sign up with the Youth Discount and Student Beans offers on NordVPN’s website and verify that you’re a student or apprentice.

Fact 7: Gives access to Geo-blocked content

And if you are looking for streaming content out there, NordVPN has you covered. I’ve used it with most of the streaming platforms with no problems, I’ve gotten NordVPN Netflix access from the US to Japan. And thanks to the SmartDNS feature, I was able to use NordVPN on my AppleTV. Though, if you have any other non-Android SmartTV, this feature will help you too.

So there you have it: 7 essential facts about NordVPN. I’d say it’s worth investing in as it offers additional features such as CyberSec, which help keep you safe online. If you’re considering getting a NordVPN subscription, don’t forget to take advantage of the discounts available with the link in the description. If you found this NordVPN review helpful, please leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more enlightening content.

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