NordVPN review 2022 | Everything about NordVPN in 4 minutes!

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NordVPN is a good VPN provider, but not everybody needs it. In this short NordVPN review 2022, I will help you find out: “is NordVPN good for you?” once and for all! Let’s get this review of NordVPN rolling!

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Is NordVPN safe?
1:41 NordVPN speed review with a test
2:02 Can you use NordVPN for streaming?
2:16 NordVPN torrenting support
2:31 Which apps and devices does NordVPN support?
2:56 Is NordVPN worth it?
3:22 Conclusion

=== Is NordVPN safe? ===

With NordVPN, you won’t lose your data to a sudden breach or reveal your IP during network instability. This service has plenty of security-oriented features. I personally like to work with CyberSec, which takes care of ads and malicious links online. That said, I can’t argue that NordVPN’s specialized servers are also effective, whether you need additional security or access from a country with restrictive Internet policies.

But to keep things simple with the security of NordVPN, all you have to know is that it encrypts all the data coming from your device to the Internet, and the data you receive back as well. This keeps all personal information you work with inaccessible to third parties. Since NordVPN also has RAM-only servers, it can’t retain user data long-term, and NordVPN’s HQ is located in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction, so it doesn’t have to reveal user data to the government. All these elements combined is why I consider NordVPN 2022 to be an essential security app.

=== Speed and Performance ===

However, while providing security VPN services often affect user connection speed. Only with proper technology and a good array of servers, NordVPN manages to actually keep speed reduction around the 5 to 10% mark. I’ve done my own NordVPN speed review, and in my experience, it’s possible to use it even for very speed-demanding activities like Streaming or torrenting.

When streaming, it especially helps that NordVPN 2022 can bypass geoblocks of Netflix and other streaming platforms, letting you access the content that usually won’t show up in your regional streaming library.

=== Pricing ===

Currently, it’s possible to get NordVPN with a considerable discount, but even without it, I would say the price-to-value ratio is amongst the best on the market. Unfortunately, there’s no NordVPN free account. However you can get a NordVPN free trial for a week on Android or take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee.

=== Conclusion ===

And this has been my review of NordVPN. All you need to know about this service, it’s security and performance standards.

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