NordVPN review 2021: Best VPN or… 2nd best? 💥 Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW

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Yes, NordVPN showed stellar progress throughout the 2020, but how exactly does that translate into 2021?? Will NordVPN stay on top with what they have right now? Find out all of this and more in my new NordVPN review for 2021.

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00:00 Intro
1:12 Why should you trust my review?
1:54 NordVPN updates in 2020
2:00 NordVPN’s NordLynx protocol
2:12 NordVPN speed test with NordLynx
2:21 Collocated servers explained
2:43 What does Dark Web Monitor do?
3:10 Is NordVPN safe? Privacy features
3:30 Where is NordVPN based?
4:31 Should you be concerned about NordVPN hack?
5:12 NordVPN speed tests overviewed & compared
5:47 Can NordVPN unblock Netflix in 2021?
6:41 NordVPN app showcase
7:00 Will NordVPN support your device?
7:12 NordVPN for Firestick & Android TV
7:45 Does NordVPN work in China in 2021?
8:57 Pricing plans
9:22 NordVPN cons
10:00 NordVPN vs ExpressVPN vs Surfshark vs PIA

NordVPN has brought a nice assortment of improvements to the table in 2020. Collocated servers, full NordLynx implementation, centralized accounts, there’s just too much to mention. It might be the perfect time to get yourself a yearly subscription to NordVPN and enjoy the quality service provided by it. Learn more about all the features you will be getting!

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