Nordvpn Review 2020 🔥 Top 5 Features of Nord VPN

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Transcript below Nordvpn Review 2020 – Top 5 Features of Nord VPN

What is happening guys, it’s Adam here from cyber dog. And today I wanted to take a quick look at Nord VPN. And in particular, I wanted to show you guys my top five features of this product. Now Nord is an amazing VPN is definitely one of the best on the market right now. And I thought it’s well worth running down these top five features so that you could take a look at why I think it stands out. So number one on my list is in this speciality service section here, and it’s the second one down in the list.

And that is the double VPN. Now because you’re watching this video, I’m assuming you know what a VPN does. And what a double VPN does is basically the same thing except it keeps you extra secure by connecting you to a second server after it’s connected you to the first one. So as usual, you’ll be routed through a VPN. And then from there, the traffic will go directly to the second VPN before connecting you to the internet.

This way you’re doubly secure, and there’s not a chance that anyone’s going to be able to trace your activities or find out your IP address or where you’re browsing from. This can prevent the misuse of your information and cyber attacks from criminals, as well as making sure that your browsing activities and your personal information is kept private at all times. And number two on my list of top features is also in the speciality service section and this is the p2p servers, you won’t find many VPN companies that offer these and they’re specifically for the use of peer to peer activities such as torrenting. Now if you’re into torrenting, then you’ll already know how important it is to stay safe and secure. And having these specialized p2p servers gives you that peace of mind that it will do just that. And on top of this, they offer a strict no logs policy, which means they do not keep a record of any of your data, personal information or browsing activity on their systems.

Again, this is extremely important when torrenting as you don’t want people to be able to view your activity. So all in all, if torrenting is your thing, then Nord VPN definitely has you covered. A number three on my list is nords ability to unblock country restricted content. This is not limited to streaming sites, although he does do an extremely good job here. But you can also unblock content that’s country restricted across the web in general. But for this example, I’m going to show you how it works with Netflix. So right now I’m browsing from the UK and the VPN is turned off. When I search for the office in Netflix, it comes up with the office. But this is showing me the UK version of the office, I wanted to watch the US version. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use the VPN to trick Netflix into thinking that we’re browsing from America is quite simple.

All we need to do is we need to come down the list of servers until we find the United States, click on it that will connect us to the United States server. And then when we come back into Netflix, this time, we’re going to be able to search for the office only instead of bringing up the UK version is going to think we’re in America. Therefore it’s going to show us the US version which wasn’t available to me earlier. Now this is great because it opens up a whole host of new shows and movies that you can watch. And it doesn’t only work with America, you can watch different Netflix libraries from across the world. This also works on other streaming sites such as Hulu, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime and BBC I player. So if you’re a fan of streaming content, and you feel like you’ve run out of options of things to watch them using a VPN is the answer.

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