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Juggling subscriptions for multiple cybersecurity software providers is a huge pain. Instead, I prefer to get everything from one source, if possible. I’m John, from VPN PRO, and today I will talk about one of the best VPN + secure storage + password manager bundles.

It’s NordVPN, NordLocker and Nordpass review 2022, strap in!

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As I’ve just mentioned, Nord Team offers three cybersecurity tools. I know, some providers try to mix things up, like IPVanish with it’s SugarSync, but Nord offers different apps, each fulfilling a separate purpose. I prefer this approach, since it makes every app focused on the task it’s designed for, instead of trying to do everything and falling into mediocrity.

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1:29 What is NordPass exactly?
2:55 Is NordVPN the best VPN out there?
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Okay, enough with boring numbers, time for a brief NordPass review. It’s one of the best password manager apps I’ve used, and I had it around for more than a couple years now. It has all the important features I look for in a password manager. Is NordPass safe? Taking a closer look, NordPass uses XChaCha20 encryption for keeping passwords and the “zero-knowledge architecture” guarantees that passwords get encrypted before reaching NordPass servers. That means no third party will be able to intercept your data while it’s vulnerable. Still, I choose to run two factor authentication and biometric authentication on my phone for absolute security.

But is NordPass good for you, beyond the security measures?
When it comes to managing passwords, I have to highlight the password generator and strength checker. Thanks to them not only do I know that my usual passwords suck, but most of my passwords now look like this. Try to guess one of those, huh. NordPass is neat, clean and detailed, whether you pick up a desktop app, a mobile app or a browser extension. However, keep in mind that extensions are additions to the app, not a replacement. Overall, NordPass is one of the best password manager services, you can check it out for free, and it’s never too late to grab a premium if you end up enjoying it. In the other case, exporting your passwords from NordPass into any other password manager is a matter of a few minutes.


I’ve talked about NordVPN before, and I’m not afraid to talk about it again. NordVPN provides an encrypted connection between your device and one of their secure RAM-only servers. With a trustworthy no logs policy and benefits of Panama jurisdiction, NordVPN can safely keep zero logs of your activity, keeping your business entirely yours. Personally, I value NordVPN for an assortment of security features that don’t only prevent data leaks, but also get rid of ads and malicious links. The NordVPN’s usability goes past just the security though. I had a blast accessing geo-blocked content with NordVPN. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ – you name it. Furthermore, NordVPN can even bypass firewalls in restrictive countries like China, allowing your connection out of there. As I’ve mentioned before, NordVPN is premium only, so if you want to try it out, I recommend you use a NordVPN coupon code from the description down below. Never too late to cancel, well, unless 30 days have passed.


Next – NordLocker. The concept of encrypted cloud storage is not new, but NordLocker executes it pretty much flawlessly. Starting with 3GB of storage for free, and ending with 2TB at maximum, NordLocker protects your important files and makes them impossible to access for everyone but you. Using NordLocker, I came to the conclusion that if you just need to keep confidential text files in – a free version would be enough, but if you are working with video or audio files which need protection, like I do, the 500 GB plan will be more than enough. I’m afraid to even imagine what things one could hide in that 2TB storage though… Anyways, NordLocker is an efficient way to keep your data secure, and it’s even better that you can do it for free, up to a limit.

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