NordVPN Netflix Review in 2020 – Can Nord VPN Easily Unblock Netflix?

In my NordVPN Netflix review, you will see if Nord VPN can easily unblock Netflix or not.
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Transcript of NordVPN Netflix Review in 2020 – Can Nord VPN Easily Unblock Netflix?

What’s happening, guys, it’s Adam here from cyber dog. And today I thought I’d make a quick video to show you how to unblock country restricted content on Netflix. We’re going to do this using Nord VPN. So I’m in the UK right now. And when I go into Netflix, and I search for the office, it’s going to bring up the UK version of the office, which is great. But I’ve already seen all of these, and I would love to watch the US version. But unfortunately, Netflix will not allow this when I’m browsing from the UK. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use Nord VPN to trick Netflix into thinking that I’m in America. And this really is a lot easier than it sounds. So what you do is open up Nord, and you scroll down until you see the United States server, simply click on it, wait a few seconds, and then you’ll be connected. And now you can go back into your Netflix account. And now you’re going to be able to browse the entire US Netflix catalog and watch things that were previously unavailable to you. So as you can see, this time when I search for the office, it comes up straight away with the US version. And the good thing about using Nord for this is their connection speeds. Fantastic, which means you’re not going to get any buffering. And you’re going to be able to watch the full show in HD or even 4k from start to finish without any issues, as well as using VPN for streaming. There’s a lot of other benefits to using them. But I’ll put a link in the description to a full review of Nord plus other VPN as well. So you can take a look at those and if they happen to have any discounts on at the time, I’ll put a link there for that as well so that you can take full advantage of that. Thanks for watching this short video. I hope you’ve learned something, give it a thumbs up, stay safe online and I will catch you on the next one.

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