NordVPN Netflix Review 2020- Watch Many Examples of NordVPN Unblocking International Netflix

NordVPN Netflix Review – See Many Examples Unblocking International Netflix
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Transcript below of NordVPN Netflix Review 2020

What is happening guys, it’s Adam here from cyber dog. And today I just wanted to make a quick video to show you guys how simple it is to unblock country restricted content on Netflix from anywhere in the world. And to do this, we’re going to be using a VPN. Now there’s a few VPNs out there that can do this some better than others and the one that I recommend for the job is Nord VPN. Now before you just rush to their website to download it, keep in mind that you can often find different deals and discounts so if you take a look at the description, I’ll put a link down there to the best and most up to date discount that you can get at the current time.

So let’s go ahead and open up Nord so I can show you exactly how it all works. Now before we go any further I just wanted to show you in the settings menu, the different protocols which you can select whilst using Nord. Now in most cases, the automatic selection is going to work absolutely fine with Netflix. However, if you do ever encounter any problems where it won’t connect for any reason, all you need to do is come into this menu and switch to a different protocol and that should solve your problem. Now I’m based in the UK.

So let’s get to it. And I will show you an example of how I can watch shows from the US version of Netflix without leaving my home. So before I connect to the VPN, if I come into Netflix and search for the office is going to bring up the office, but it’s going to show me the UK version. Now I want to watch the US version. So this is where we need to switch to the American servers using the VPN. Now connecting to a server using Nord is a very simple process. Indeed.

Now you can use this quick connect feature. But what that does is it will connect you to the nearest server to you. and in this situation, we need to be connected to the United States. So we’re going to select that from the list. Now speed is quite important to us here because we’re going to be streaming so what we need to do is make sure we’re connected to the fastest server within the US. Now if you were using your VPN for other purposes, you can select different regions and different servers to connect to, but since we want the fastest we will leave this on these default settings.

So now I’m going to come back into Netflix only this time, you’ll notice that I’m using Google Chrome instead of Firefox. This is mainly because occasionally with Firefox, I have experienced a few issues was connecting to Netflix with a VPN, it usually works fine. But for this case, to be safe, I’m going to use Chrome. So as you can see, this time the office is showing up, and it’s the US version, which I was looking for. Now, due to the copyright law, my screen recording software won’t allow me to show you this content, which is why you’re seeing a black screen. But on my screen, it was playing absolutely fine. And I was able to watch it in full HD with no problems whatsoever.

So let’s look at another example. And that is a movie called Wind River. Now, as you can see, again, is not showing up here in the list is something that’s available that I can watch. So we’re going to come back out of Netflix, we’re going to hop over to a server in the Netherlands and this is a very simple process. As you can see, we simply select it from the list and it will automatically connect to the fastest server.

So now we’re going to come back into Netflix again. And this is actually Something to note that every time you do switch servers, you do need to come out of Netflix and then go back into it in order for it to re register on the new server. But this time when we search for the title, you’ll see that just like magic, it appears in the list of things that we can watch. Now, some VPNs are very limited to the amount of countries that you can actually connect to when using Netflix.

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